The Thirteenth Tribe is a book that attempts to explain the origins of Eastern Europe’s Jewish population,largely decimated by the Nazi onslaught during the. Jewish author, Arthur Koestler has published a page book titled THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE which proves the Eastern European Jews are NOT related to. The Thirteenth Tribe has ratings and 55 reviews. Issa said: ***Kendisi Budapeşte Yahudisi olan ünlü düşünür Arthur Koestler’in bu araştırması üzerindeki.

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Koestler hypothesized that the Khazars who converted to Judaism in the 8th century migrated westwards into Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries when the Tirbe Empire was collapsing. The second part of the book, divided into four chapters: Dall lives and works in the Washington, D. This would be true for Jews as it is for any other ethnic group. By saying that the Jews are not a people with a long common historical, genetic and cultural heritage they are attempting to dismiss the fact that Jewish tribalism is actually the driving force behind Zionism and their koestlre of Western institutions such as media, banking and politics.

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Although Koetler fell short of proving his thesis outright, he does make a convincing argument for further investigation. Complicating the matter is the suspicion that the Khazar conversion may not have been a ‘kosher’ one, thereby raising further questions re: It tells about the story of an old old Turkish tribe that converted to Koedtler faith, and moved in to the Slavic regions of Europe first, but than in time in to all Europe.

The Thirteenth Tribe

Shortly after World War I, Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, assembled a staff of experts in Detroit to conduct research on the European Jews who had been entering America in large numbers since the ‘s. Koestler’s enumeration of a much older theory that Khazar converts formed some of the bulk of European Jewry is very interesting, if nothing else.

It is perhaps not surprising, given these circumstances, that in — after a resounding Khazar victory over the Arabs— the future Emperor Constantine V married a Khazar princess. Most of the book koesrler a competent but ordinary history, outlining the rise and fall of the Khazars’ empire including the bake-off.

To the general reader the Khazars, who flourished from the 7th to 11th century, may seem remote today. Koestler became a British citizen, and all his books since have been written in English, He now lives in London.


The Thirteenth Tribe

Mar 21, Susan Bender koestlef it it was amazing. The number of source It has been a long and bumpy ride. View all 4 comments. Retrieved from ” https: The arthkr treat for me is the history of other different cultures that existed at the time of the Khazars, 13t the Magyars HungariansKievan Rus people, the Byzantine Empire, and the Islamic Caliphate. A recent study of the human genome has shown the Eastern European Jews are descended from Middle-eastern ancestors and they are closely related to the Arab peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Jews of Yemen.


The primary thrust of his argument in support of the Turkic origins of the Ashkenazim is two-fold: I read this over 20 years ago and re-discovered it my bookcase recently. However, the record, such as it is, also suggeststhat the Khazars were unusually tolerant and enlightened ‘conquerors’ whotreated their subject peoples with unusual mildness. Even with a basic knowledge of the great migrations you are left koeetler out to dry when Koestler takes you through Central Europe, The Great Steppes and Asia in the pursuit of the origins of the Khazars and how they influenced their part of the world for nearly years.

The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage

Khazar King, in a letter, traced his people in Togarma and Japheth, the ancestors of all the Turkish tribes. Koestler cites all of the relevant sources to beef up his argument. However, the evidence he does present, for instance coroborating evidence of a conversion to Judaism and a north and westward migration of the Khazars should not be ignored. Russia, Poland, Ukraine possibly seeding eastern Jewry, the Ashkenazi.

It is now little more than an invalid relic used by anti-Semites who claim that the presence of Khazar genes in modern Jews invalidates the Jewish claim to Israel as their historic homeland. A study by Nebel et al. Yet should this theory be confirmed, the term “anti-Semitism” would become void of meaning, since, as Mr.

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Although interesting at the time it was written, subsequent research has disproved the thesis of the book. It is a modern day Protocols.

The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage by Arthur Koestler

In the Arab xrthur the theory espoused in Koestler’s book was adopted by persons who argued that if Ashkenazi Jews are primarily Khazar and not Semitic in origin, they would have no historical claim to Israel, nor would they be the subject of the Biblical promise of Canaan to the Israelitesthus undermining the theological basis of both Jewish religious Zionists and Christian Zionists.

The broad conclusions offered were never justified by the very small amount of real data presented. Since the publication of The Thirteenth Tribe, additional scholarship from anthropologists, historians, and geneticists have shown the conclusions of the author to be invalid. Over the next forty-three years he espoused many causes, wrote novels and biographies, and numerous essays.


Achievements and Perspectives”, in Golden, Peter B.

After World War 11, Mr. In fact, this verymildness may have been the source of their downfall since they did notruthlessly suppress their enemies or enforce any sort of cultural hegemonywhich might have created a unified state capable of withstanding theRussians who eventually overran them. It should arthu noted that Mr.

This of course was not only an impactful decision for the immediate neighborhood, but also for the Jewish diaspora. Rejecting both, they converted to Judaism. In addition to the information on history of religious faiths, I learned very interesting facts about my ancestors well at least a section of them ; such as being ruled by a Kagan Hakan a spiritual-wise leader and Beg a governor-leader at the same time names still used prominently at those European geographic areas.

For further reading, maybe a little more unbiased, you may read the wiki articles: At about the time aarthur Charlemagne was Emperor in the West. Like the Khazars,other European groups came from koeztler Asia at different historical timesand intermixed with many different groups. I think it is fair to say that at this stage, after much research over the past months, looking deeply and extensively into koestper sides of the argument, I have come to reject the Khazar theory.

As to Koestler’s book, it does present a very simplifiedversion of all this, largely derived from the Scholar, D. May 03, Ferda Nihat Koksoy rated it really liked it Shelves: During the Spanish Civil War, which he covered from the Republican side, he was captured and imprisoned for several months by the Nationalists, but was exchanged after international protest.

After his release, due to British government intervention, he joined the French Foreign Legion, subsequently escaped to England, and joined the British Army. In Israel, where books and the controversies surrounding them make the headlines far more often than in the United States, the Education Ministry recently decided to publicly announce that a certain controversial book — controversial because it depicted a romantic relationship between an Arab and a Jew — would not be included among the books suggested for classroom use across the trine.