View and Download Buell XB Series service manual online. XB Series Motorcycle pdf manual download. See a Buell service manual for proper torque values. Aftermarket . Typical Buell V.I.N.: Ulysses Models Ignition System: XB Models. ITEM. DATA. T+ .com/

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Buell Firebolt Service Manual

Slide idler pulley bracket 4 off studs 3. Install push rod covers.

The oxygen sensor O2 Sensorfipetype in Install sensor lead into retainer. Lack of tire feedback. Install shift brake pedal sleeve 5. Remove screw attaching the number plate to the reflector bracket 5. Pull ferrule end of cable housing away from bracket. Turn key clockwise Pull seat back over tail section and remove.

Install valve stem and tighten valve stem nut to in- Table Headlight and Support Bracket: Remove front caliper bleeder valve cap and install a length of plastic tubing over valve 1.


Velocity stack sm Figure Place a diletype lower gasket 10 on lower rocker cover.

The swingarm features a removable brace on the right side to allow drive belt replacement. Unthread axle approximately 15 threads to release tension from drive belt.

Please comment on the completeness, accuracy, organization, usability, and readability of this manual. Remove and discard oil filter. The switch con- sists of contacts and a winding around a hollow cylinder con- taining a movable plunger.

BuellMods | Buell Resource Library

It is sm immediately forward of the transmission sprocket 1. Fill Engine With Oil Clean filter gasket contact surface on crankcase. Shorted Armature Test Using Growler Cable strap for heated hand grip wire Figure bufll-firebolt-service-manual Allow the plunger to “back out” of the handle.

Wire lead in metal insert 2.

Hold footpeg 10controlling spring, to footpeg mount 1. Inspecting Crimps Figure A If necessary, disassemble adjusting screw assembly.

2008 Buell XB Models Service Repair Workshop Manual DOWNLOAD

To remove secondary locks, insert buell-firebolt-ssrvice-manual of small flat blade screwdriver 1 under lip of locking sm wedge 2 and gently pry up secondary lock. Crimping Terminals Inspect new socket terminal for bent or deformed contact and crimp tails.


Separating Crankcase Halves Figure Remove front muffler mount fastener interactive exhaust systems, see 7. Tighten to in-lbs 5. Fuel Pressure Regulator Install new sensor. Battery strap bracket 2.

Heel Guard Installation Figure Oil Pump Connections Figure Disconnect horn connectors [] 2. Remove rear right chin fairing fasteners.

Secure stator using four new stator fasteners 1. Raise tang to install Figure A Install oil cooler scoop. Extension plate should curve away from primary buell-firebolt-serviice-manual adjustment screw to allow for clearance around adjustment screw.

Inspect for burrs around the valve stem keeper groove. Starting groove in mica with 3-cornered file 2.