The CDB device consists of six Schmitt-Trigger inputs. Each circuit functions as an inverter with Schmitt-Trigger input. The trigger switches at different. Buy low price, high quality hefbp hef ic with worldwide shipping on Results for ” hef bp ic ” (28 Results) View More ยท ( China). DESCRIPTION. Each circuit of the HEFB functions as an inverter with Schmitt-trigger action. The Schmitt-trigger switches at different.

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10pcs HEF40106BP HEF40106 40106 IC NEW

This is really strange Mon Jan 18, Got a simple two transistor LED flasher circuit hooked up with a pot to change the rate of flash. Please support our site.

Not perfect, but very useful. Jul 11, Posts: So glad I googled ‘build 4006 last year and ended up here! Just went out and got some more IC’s Can anyone make a suggestions about powering it from Astyle power bus?

I’ll see if I can work out what’s going on. I’m finding that shorting out various caps with a bit of wire momentarily is producing some alright tonal variations Fri Feb 05, 7: Tue Feb 20, 1: These are Phillips ones.


Dedicated to experimental electro-acoustic and electronic music.

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Fri Feb 09, 5: Jan 20, Posts: Probably not forum etiquette my son tells me this is called ‘necro-posting’ Jan 31, Posts: Thu Jan 21, 2: Fri Feb 09, 2: Spent a lot of time looking at your stuff. Luckily, they are still bountiful at Radio Shack.

Not sure if it’s BE or DE, hard to tell. Can anyone help and educate me here in the process?

Q – Nucleotide Result

Don’t pull apart breadboards straight away! Actually i do not like most of these bleeping noise “weird sound” generators, but this one sounds good and it is extremely simple and may be a nice piece for modular system.

Sat Feb 17, 4106 Allentown, PA Audio files: The Phillips seems to have more pauses 4106 silence between the ‘loops’ of noise. Uncle Krunkus Moderator Joined: I have tried several other transistors I guess you all know the negistor and friends, but just in case: Obviously I went wrong with one of these Wed Feb 03, 7: I might build a dual version with both types of chip and really irritate my neighbours!


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When I can find those 2Ns that a kind souls sent to me in a synth doggiebag I’ll build one of these. Many transistors could be negistors CJ Miller wrote: Sun Jan 24, 6: Thanks for the help Hexagon5un!

Sun Jan 24, I’m not sure if the non-Phillips brand is faulty or not, but the two do not sound the same. I could really use the stripboard layout, as I am about to build it. The stripboard has that huge cap discharge when the power is unhooked, which my breadboard didn’t have to such a degree.

Jun 07, Posts: You take real pride in your work! I built the Cocophonator on a breadboard and liked the sound. Fri Feb 09, As soon as I return, I shall stripboard this up and post the diagram here. Wed Jan 20, 8: Then I might draw up a more respectable diagram and see if anyone can spot where I might have gone wrong with the stripboard