Documentation Overview. FCOM VOL 2 – Flight Preparation. FCOM VOL 3. QRH Section 4. Performance Training Manual: • Provides. Here is a list of videos from the A series playlist on YouTube · A – Manuals · A – General Overview – Quiz Link · A – Air. PSS A / A / A AOM – Airbus Aircraft Operating Manual – February 23,

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There are currently checklists and other resources in this collection. I’d try another shop if you can find one.

If the API key is activated you then get the “Google Map” tool directly into the iPad, excellent it is, but you can’t declutter the screen so it is a one layout for all. It is far smoother, in actions and movement Service The service menu covers setting up the aircraft and static elements.

Planes Over Head – POH: Airbus A

The pedestal is supremely crafted with every switch you require strange though the door switch doesn’t work? The Fuel truck has to be attached before you can do the refueling and a big ugly thing it is as well?

Pull the catch and the heavyweighted full mechanism pulls back, again beautifully crafted and very realistic But one item is really interesting Internal Detailing Every year we get another level of detail in the internal areas of aircraft, here the cockpit is astounding in it’s sheer detail that is simply eye popping.

And so it is here as well. The information itself cannot be copyrighted, but the way it is worded and arranged can. I imagine whatever company I end up with after I leave the military will provide me with the needed pubs. Note in that Cargo loader forward only loads cargo into the front hold, and the rear cargo loader the rest of the holds in the rear and the required loader has to be activated to load the cargo.


For example, a story from your checkride. All the systems are built up from hundreds of elementary objects, like wires, relays, circuit brakes, pipes, valves, pumps, etc, and then whole systems states are resolved each frame using physical laws. The A series aircraft was very unique in its definition of control laws, protections, reconfigurations, and functions. You can’t just freely make copies like that.

ForeFlight – Performance Directory

Internent connection is required for some features as is a Google API key for the built in Google map feature. And your position is to understand all this as well and operate or fly the aircraft to it’s full potential.

Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle: You have to have the doors open to load or unload the aircraft, pob there is thankfully a choice on each door on of “Gate” or “Stairs”. This includes requests for donations. This is a pro aircraft or the “Ultimate” in simulation flying to replicate the real world style of modern jet aircraft flying.

Posted December 25, Like a lot of areas on the AU, when you use the iPad it disconnects from the aircraft for keyboard inputs, so you can’t move the pkh or anything aircraft related until you press the background to reconnect with the X-Plane environment.

Aircraft Performance Directory

The manipulators otherwise can be a bit clunky, but you get used to it. The potential of this aircraft is staggering, it is certainly a huge jump in almost every area of simulation, but currently that huge step comes with a bit of a dilemma in that there is a lot of fine tuning and bug testing to get this heavily complex simulation as perfect as it is going to be in the future. I’ve got my 40 page POH photocopy that I still refer to.


Internal cowling detail is factory fresh and those beautiful rotating large fan blades are excellent, the CFM sounds nice as well. I was talking more along the lines of Boeing manuals. Because if so I’m in luck. Lower right button turns it on. Currently the beta testing is on going, and even on its release you are having to be expected to find that fine tuning still ongoing as FlightFactor constantly hone their creation into some perfection More liveries are expected to come and detailed interiors only deliver more to the all round cause.

The windows are small A windows are but they not as nicely detailed as JAR’s lovely two glass reflective filled perfect ones Also, outside of the big companies Cessna, Piper etc.

Map If the API key is activated you then get the “Google Map” tool directly into the iPad, excellent it is, a302 you can’t declutter the screen so it is a one layout for all. But for checking out high terrain and the aircraft’s position it is invaluable.

Helpful is the “Orange” titles show you what area you need to do the action, the white in what the check is. Well fear not as it does work quite well with the FlightFactor AU version When you really think about that aspect you can see how big a challenge it really is to bring such complex modeling and aircraft behaviour to a deskbound style simulator.