CoA “ABR Navy Technical Regulations Manual”, Commonwealth of Australia, Director of Technical Regulations – Navy, See ABR Volume 2 Section 5 Chapter 2 Annexes A&B for risk and engineering authority levels. Endorsement indicates that technical risk has been . 1. ASC Engineering Management Plan, and subsidiary processes. 2. Judgement of Significance (ABR). 3. Take 5. Key Behavioral Competencies Required.

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It is emphasised that the shelf and service life requirements imposed by this directive apply only to synthetic rubber hoses used in critical applications. All rubber expansion joints should be inspected externally in accordance with the appropriate planned maintenance requirement.

Irrespective of the results obtained from any other inspection, the following conditions shall be 64492 for rejection of thermoplastic hoses: This is acceptable but it is not a mandatory requirement and should not be demanded on Navy stores supplies. The pressure used in the calculation of piping and piping components minimum section thickness.

One sample of each new type of hose assembly is to be subjected to a qualifying hydrostatic pressure test of the complete assembly, including end fittings, of five times the maximum system working 4692 or the hose assembly proof pressure, whichever is higher apart from hyperbaric hoses. Hose-Assembly Inspection Requirements However, for some hoses it represents the nominal ID and not the true ID.

That period of time starting from sbr of manufacture cure date and generally ending upon installation. Using fresh water or other appropriate liquid hose assemblies for water and gaseous systems shall be tested using fresh water abtapply the required hydrostatic pressure for a period of between one and five minutes.


When the hose is removed for scheduled maintenance testing the fire sleeve is to be removed and replaced with a new sleeve without dismantling the end fittings.

Prior to the fire sleeve repair, a limited maintenance inspection should be performed on the surface of the hose beneath the damaged area using the rejection criteria in the General Inspection Requirements listed above.

This date may mark an event such as system hydrostatic test, date system filled with fluid, system start up, etc. Hose 6942 pressure — rated.

All hyperbaric hoses, regardless of working pressure, shall be approved and have objective ahr evidence including traceability, cleaning iaw reference C and identification tags iaw paragraph In the absence of this data the hose should be tested iaw the instructions provided above. The specified work having been undertaken satisfactorily as indicated by written reports.

ABR Volume 2 Section 5. The hose must not burst, leak nor show signs of fitting separation. The pressure which exists in a system or sub-system when performing its normal function in which a hose or hose assembly may be installed. Where segmented socket fittings are used, ensure that the hose butts against the nipple shoulder and that the bolts and nuts, where used, are tight and the segments are evenly spaced.

Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

The strength of bond between cured rubber surfaces or a cured rubber surface and a non-rubber surface. In these instances, any planned maintenance inspection and testing that is normally applicable to that item should be conducted prior sbr the item being put into service and xbr baseline for the planned maintenance periodicity should be set at that date.

The pressure at which rupture of the hose occurs. Spare Hose Assemblies Needle holes placed in the cover of a rubber or plastic hose intended for gas service to prevent the formation of blisters. Upon fabrication of a hose assembly, the entire assembly configuration shall be visually examined as follows: Following its presentation and receipt, the report.


Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

It is not necessary to replace a hose if a few drops of paint 64492 on it, nor should any attempt be made to clean off dried paint as this may cause damage to the hose. Capital Equipment Procurement Manual 1. Irrespective of the 64492 obtained abf any other inspection, any of the following conditions shall be cause for rejection of rubber hoses: Minor cuts and abrasions to fire sleeves may be temporarily repaired using an approved fire sleeve tape under the following conditions: Page 15 of 16 Rubber Expansion Joints — Inspections The report is titled Acceptance into Service of Navy.

It may be necessary to uncouple the hose and remove the sleeve to facilitate inspection of the hose. These hose materials do not normally degrade from exposure to atmospheric conditions and they are not subject to any shelf or service life limitations, except where recommended by the manufacturer or as determined by periodic inspections and any ahr hydrostatic tests or as required in accordance with the appropriate planned maintenance requirements.

Rubber Hose Rejection Visually examine the outer cover of joints for evidence of cracks.

Follow the instructions for submitting comments. The innermost layer of a hose.