² 4XR 9DGLV” $& New GL Migration 7KLV LV $& FRXUVH YHUV FROO Duration: 3 days Content: Migration scenarios 1 – 3 Certification option: No QG KDOI. Migrating to the New SAP General Ledger. Future SAP Support of the Classic General Ledger and .. SAP General Ledger Migration Cockpit. New ( flexible) general ledger, AC Migration to new G/L accounting, •ACenables project members and consultants to perform a migration project from classic to the new General Ledger Accounting. Therefore the.

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You can then deactivate your package in the Migration Server Overview. What you need to know beforehand: The profit center is assigned to various data objects, such as cost center, internal order, or material master. If there are documents with document types that have not been assigned a business transaction or business transaction variant, this will cancel posting at least in migration phase 1 and in phase 2.

Payables at an amount of EUR Also an activity in the activation phase: This statement applies to the following phases of the process tree: With the transfer posting within leading ledger 0L to the future accounts, a default account assignment is then set as an example for characteristic business area and profit center: You can also take the corresponding adjustment postings from the migration tool Migration Cockpit.

There are two worklists for a migration: CF only for account See the following slide for more information.

Migration to the New General Ledger

You cannot reverse this step once executed. Of course, the acquisition and retirement transactions can be posted at any time with a vendor or customeror “integrated”. A reconciliation [only] summarized for each expense account nww cost element using the reconciliation ledger in Cost Element Accounting with transaction KALC is therefore not necessary.


This may help you to better understand the individual processes at a later stage. Genera the fact that the structure of the exercises themselves is very open, there is no solution section — the mandatory parts to the exercises are described in detail, however.

AC212 – Migration to the New General Ledger

Target in new general ledger: The last day of the fiscal year variant must correspond to the migration date minus one day. Possible reasons for introducing the ldger approach in the new general ledger: The sample posting record in the displayed example then reads in the leading ledger as follows: You must start the transfer program of lefger CF for each ledger of the new general ledger — there is not yet an update for several ledgers at once.

It is, however, possible to deactivate a package. Among these, many check programs: SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document. You can see whether there is an assignment to a ledger group by checking the document header or by displaying the ledger group field in the document display. If you wish, you can create a migration plan for each individual company code.

Before you answer this question, it is worth comparing the documents for example, from the “status activity” to the corresponding table entries. Summary — Implementation of the New General Ledger for an existing customer: Save and confirm the dialog box that appears. Are item categories defined? The validation process, therefore, supports the migration process as a whole.

Migration to the New | Anil Kangotra –

The screenshot also shows you a process tree for a migration with document splitting — whereas the document splitting information must first be processed for the OIs before the transfer — see the activity above. If this, in turn, did not have a defined segment, the situation depicted on the slides would lwdger.


You can find the validation log in the process tree behind the Evaluate Validation Log activity in the sub-subphase Check Document Splitting. The default account assignments are miggration in condensed form — the amount of For the meaning “migration date” and “activation date” please refer to the detailed presentation in www.

migration from classic to new G/L

Looking generzl scenario 4 and 5: Both the appearance and entry procedures for the FI document are identical to those in previous releases. The FI follow-on document of real-time integration must create a cost of sales ledger document in migration phase 1.

However, the posting is made in FI only for the distribution of the business areas, since the profit center characteristic is not updated in the classic totals table. The structure of the financial statement versions is then nww as stringent as when you record the postings mibration. This indicator is then set once the migration has been completed. You have to reverse your periodic postings of APC values by period.

See slide notes Example of checks: This file then supplements the files that already exist.

Have all used document types been assigned a business transaction and a business transaction variant? Even in the case of migration scenario 3, in training course AC the migration Customizing settings are made directly ledgrr the system and are not transported. In given situations, no documents are generated for valuation area L.

For more information on the inclusion of customer fields in the totals table of the new general ledger, also read SAP Notes and