So I filled out that weeks timesheet for RH 40 hours, holding appx 13hrs off. Then worked Saturday hrs, Monday, 13hrs & Tuesday, manager returns, I only. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you. Search CareerBuilder for Timesheet Processor Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you.

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I always gave her the same response: You generalized in that you “don’t deal with recruiters.

I was told I needed to get all the job tags and schedule done before timeshret. That would be important to any employer, and is quite reasonable. AtExit8 in City, New Jersey. Typically, they don’t last long.

Again, definitely not something you did on purpose, but understand that she was correct in her assumption that she “looked bad” to the client. I would be starting later this week. Do the job you’re brought in for, do it well and hopefully parlay it into permanent employment.

For one thing, I wrote about a Robert Half Legal recruiter. However, I stumbled upon this site by accident and I’m glad I did. Moreover, it is well known recruiters pump candidates for employer contacts to find out openings to push their services and other candidates at these employers.


If anyone knows of a way to contact the investors or top management of this company please let me know. The clowns who tiesheet at this agency are people who couldn’t make it in the field they are recruiting for I was told she made a mistake with the salary. A couple of Half headhunters have written me that this experience was an irregular practice.

Accountemps – payroll – Accountemps Jobs |

StaffingExpert in Pleasanton, California said: I feel it was wrong of her to “ream” you and I don’t believe you tried to purposely make her “look bad”, but you inadvertently did. AtExit8 in CityNew Jersey said: So, when I finally called her I really cannot stand working for them in Oklahoma Citybut it sounds like all of the recruiters go to the same school of rudeness. She accused me of trying to make her “look bad.

Kind of seems unfair for the job searcher sitting at home looking for work. A couple of weeks later, I answered a legal recruiter’s ad. Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado. Jobless in Georgia in Riverdale, Georgia months ago.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke – Accountemps Jobs |

So I’ll say it again, only work with a staffing agency timssheet a last resort. Myself, as a division director or my boss, our branch managerwould not put up with it. I’ve not been great on that. Nature of the beast.


Accountemps – payroll

Go back to finnishing school. Robert Half is bigger than a joke. I then spoke by phone with the president of the agency.

Rude is timesheeet good word for them. A Half Legal recruiter e-mailed me off my online job board resume. My wife has had her experiences with recruiters as well. I get a call Next time don’t work more than 40 hours. Since when was it the candidate’s responsibility not to make a recruiter “look bad”? I know for a fact they wouldn’t last a month in my office. Joe, there are bad timeshest in any industry.

Robert Half is bigger than a joke

Shortly after I started I found out from the other workers that the temp. Content is not continuously monitored. Then business dropped off and, when it began to pick up again, I was presented with jobs at a timwsheet lower rate, which I politely declined.