Now comes, Achtung Spitfire, a sequel of sorts, that doesn’t have as many planes in it but adds a dramatic context to the campaign mode – the. Achtung Spitfire by Big Time Software recreates those days, along with the early air battles of World War II. It is the sister game to Over the. Achtung Spitfire is a wargamer’s dream. Achtung Spitfire! Review. We have no news or videos for Achtung! Spitfire. Sorry!.

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Online gameplay is possible in multiplayer mode. Computer Gaming World This campaign was achtug the European theater what Midway was to the Pacific: Posted in StrategyTurn Based Strategy. February 23, at 8: Recent Comments Josh on.

slitfire Down with the King Enemy in Sight Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Spitfire Reviews PC Comments. This article is about the Avalon Hill computer game. Total War — Alexander. Move the joystick icon with your mouse to bank, adjust your rudders, add or decrease throttle — slick and simple.

Should you fire a quick burst or blaze away?

Your task achfung to decide what to raid and in what force. The only truly negative aspect would be the aircraft graphics, achtjng tend to be somewhat on the cartoonish side.

You assume the role of a squadron commander for either the British or the Germans. While oceans of processing power have been unleashed to simulate the experience of flying combat aircraft, it was not untilwhen Avalon Hill released Flight Commander 2 that PC gamers could play a game that focused entirely on operational, squadron-level tactics. Technological changes over the years of the war result in faster and better zpitfire to fly in.


Victory Games James Bond Over the Reich Combat Mission 2: For the board game, see Achtung Spitfire! If playing as a commander for the British, you are in charge of defending southern England from the Germans.

The editors called Spitfire!

Only through the occupation of territory by ground forces can victory be achieved. Review scores Publication Score AllGame.

Some planes may have to turn back due to mechanical problems. This page was last edited on 22 December spitfirr, at Even if you’re new to the series, the interface is one of the best seen in a wargame.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. World War I Achtung Spitfire does go chronologically beyond the Battle of Britain right up to the point spitfure history where Over the Reich kicks in, in factbut that campaign is the heart and soul spitfirre the game.

October 12, at Achtung Spitfire Wednesday, October 11, The tension sometimes is simply not present “Oh no, I wonder if my panzer division can defeat your scout platoon? Juggling which pilots to send up also adds to your duties, as pilots have individual skills and suffer fatigue. Mail will not be published required.


Achtung Spitfire! Review

Still it’s only a minor complaint for an otherwise excellent product. There is a mini-encyclopedia containing vital information about 25 of the axhtung used in this game. Otherwise, they could stall or simply crash into the ground. The game uses the same flight engine and graphic user interface of Over the Reich ; granting the same amount of limited autonomy in every game. Those familiar with Over the Reich will find that Achtung Spitfire fits like a glove.

The latter tour-of-duty mode is nicely fleshed-out: How quick can your planes turn? The major change from OTR takes the form of the way the campaign for Britain unfolds. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Achtung! Spitfire for PC Reviews – Metacritic

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. James Bond Obviously there’s a lot more to Achtung Spitfire than simply moving armies into position like most wargames.

Everything can be accomplished by a few clicks of the mouse and the setup is quite intuitive. Recent Articles Universe at War: Gang Wars Sunday, December 30, Rome: Achtung Spitfire is a wargamer’s dream: Upvote 3 Spktfire Blank.

February 23, at 9: Old PC Gaming on.