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Make sure that this peak inductor current is less that the 3A current limit.

ACT4060 Datasheet

I will replace the inductor and let know the results. Often the ac4060 solution is to go through the inductor datasheets and the find the informations in tables, charts, text I noticed that “slow” op amp gives calculated 5Vout, much faster op amp gives an unwanted 7Vout. I must say, breadboards are eerie places with phantom frequencies appearing all over the place, like an echo chamber, not good to begin with.

So much details to take care of. When higher than 1. A switching regulator is far more complex dataasheet the designer to understand than a linear regulator.


ACT Datasheet PDF –

Do not exceed these limits to prevent damage to the device. Hierarchical block is unconnected 3.

Dec 242: When I try to connect 5Ohms resistor to the output, voltage drops below 2V. This inductor current has a ripple that is dependent on the inductance value: For other inquiries, please send to: Active-Semi and its logo are datasheeh of Active-Semi, Inc. For ceramic output capacitor, typically choose adtasheet capacitance of about 22? I know, the recommendation for a “good PCB layout” sounds so simple, but I know it isn’t.

ACT datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

CMOS Technology datadheet 1. Try to go step by step. Regulator produces stable 5V but only when there is no load connected.

In general, select an inductance value L based on the ripple current requirement: The DC loop gain of the system is determined by the following equation: See Input Capacitor in the Application Information section.


To restore It to “normal state” I have to replug power supply – then everything seems to be OK without any load. In the case of tantalum or electrolytic types, they can be further away if a small parallel 0.


Note that EN is a low voltage input with a maximum voltage of 6V; it should never be directly connected to IN.

A wrong PCB layout can have these effects. When lower than 0. The Oscillator normally switches at kHz. Exceeding these limits may damage the device. Often even for an experienced designer it is hard to find all the necessary informations in online shops.

Output voltage drop in flyback SMPS 9. However, if Satasheet voltage is less than 0. The inductor current level is measured by the Current Sense Amplifier and added to the Oscillator ramp signal. At this point, the SW side of the inductor swings to a diode voltage below ground, causing the inductor current to decrease and magnetic energy to be transferred to output.