ALCOHOL CONTENT DETERMINATION – authorSTREAM Presentation. density, if you have density of your initial product you can estmate and also build a curve using etanol to the mix and know the final density later. If you know the. Two methods are adopted for the estimation of this. In one Traditionally, determination of alcohol in galenicals is carried out by distillation method followed by.

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One of two pieces esti,ation skin was inoculated with 0. Before use in a test, a section of pig skin was thawed, destubbled using a disposable razor, and defatted using a scalpel. Collect distillate 2ml less than original volume of the test liquid 48mladjust the temperature at which the original test liquid was measuredadd water to make 50ml and mix.

Compare the peak response ratio.

USA – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

Newer Post Older Post Home. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Take the distillate 2ml ln than the double amount of sample. The method of claim 1, wherein said alcohol-based skin disinfectant contains isopropyl alcohol, and wherein about 0.

Add twice the volume of distilled water. Chromatographic condition Carrier gas Helium or nitrogen Column packing Silica particles coated with polyethylene glycol Detector Flame Ionization Detector Column temperature Temperature of the column is maintained at o C Injection port temperature Temperature of the injection port o C.


These alcohol compositions are very drying to the skin, evaporate quickly, and are easily spilled due to their watery nature. A measured volume of test solution was added near the center of two thicknesses of These suspensions were mixed together to give a mixed inoculum of approximately 10 9 microorganisms per estination.

Suspensions of the various organisms were made by overlaying an overnight agar slant culture with 10 mls of Butterfield Buffer and gently rubbing the agar surface with a sterile pipet.

You do not have the permission to view this presentation. The prepared skins were placed in a eestimation overnight. Mature adult pig hides from freshly killed pigs fstimation obtained from a slaughterhouse. Preparation of Pig Skin: What is claimed is: Special treatments Volatile acids and bases: Non-woven fabric treated with a biocidal composition and a method of impregnating fabric to prevent rot.

Most preferred as viscosifying agents are hydroxypropyl cellulose polymers. These salts then do not interfere with ethanol evaporation in distillation process. The instant invention is directed to a process for enhancing the efficacy of alcohol-based skin antiseptics comprising adding at least one alcohol-soluble viscosifying agent to an alcohol-based disinfectant, thereby lowering its alcohol evaporation rate and markedly increasing the exposure time that disinfecting concentrations of alcohol are present on skin.

US5288486A – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

Collect distillate 2ml less than original volume of the test liquid 23mladjust the temperature at which the original test liquid was measuredadd water to make 25ml and mix. Any alcohol-soluble viscosifying agent can be used.


These examples are not intended to limit the scope of the invention. Collect the distillate about 70ml.

Thus, when they are applied to skin, alcohol concentration and contact time with bacteria and other microorganisms are minimized due to evaporative loss. Antimicrobial film-forming composition, antimicrobial film, and method of verifying the presence of an antimicrobial film. In most of the galenical preparations, alcohol is used.


A method un enhancing the efficacy of an alcohol-based skin disinfectant containing about 30 to 90 percent, based on total composition weight, of at least one alcohol selected from the group consisting of n-propyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and alchol alcohol comprising adding about 0.

These products are commercially available from Hercules, Incorporated. From the chromatogram obtained, we can calculate the percentage of alcohol as by using the following formula: Add sufficient amount of distilled water to the distillate to make volume 25ml.