QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Preface This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation, maintenance and repair of the QS Series 64 Voice Synthesizer/ Controller. QS7/QS8 Reference Manual 1 2 QS7/QS8 Reference Manual Table of Contents Contents 1: Setting Up 7 Unpacking and Inspection 7 AC Power 7 Line.

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This occurs whenever a new Program is selected, or when a new Mix is selected. Modulating with an envelope can create a pre-defined change in harmonic structure, such as having a brighter attack and bassier decay. So easy key replacement was a design requirement.

Your phone number and e-mail, if you have it. Channel 1 keyboard low note A positive value raises the level as more Aftertouch is applied. To print the manual completely, please, download it. More about this sort of thing in Part 5: Page 38 The Program is now stored. Global Edit mode Use Global Edit Mode to set various parameters which effect the entire instrument, such as overall master tuning, display contrast, MIDI controller settings, keyboard sensitivity, and how the unit will respond to or generate messages in Mix Mode.

Send 3 delay 10ms Send 1 reverb prdly 1ms Because the QS has its own filter module and amplitude module for each voice, the pure waveforms are relatively bright-as bright as the original instrument can be-and have a constant sustaining amplitude, like an organ.

Page Key Poly. D15 D3 D1 provides a quick discharge path for the capacitor so that the circuit functions correctly even if power is cycled off and on rapidly. Channel 14 parameters see above Each note will have a slightly different pitch, which simulates the natural tuning instability of analog circuits. In other words, if you have two SRAM cards k each, capable of storing up to 4 banksyou will have 4 banks available on each card for a total of 8 banks; well below the maximum.


The first 11 bytes are common parameters for all three configurations. Mix effect MIDI program change 5 0 2 0 1. Modulation is the process of varying a parameter dynamically over time; the oscillator pitch can be modulated by envelope, keyboard, pressure, pedal, LFO, and other control sources described later.

The QS7 is undoubtedly a powerful and flexible synthesizer capable of creating rich sounds – both acoustic and electronic. Chapter 5 Pitch The Pitch function press [70] lets you transpose a channel’s Program in either semitone or octave increments. The additional Mute Groups can be used by qs71. sounds that you wish to cut-off each other, but do not want to interfere with the Hi Hat sounds.

R6, C9 Combinations are allowed i. No numbers are displayed in MIX mode. Send 1 reverb input 1 Send 2 pitch depth Editing Programs Delay 00 to 99, Hold Page 5 This is the amount of time that the envelope will wait before doing anything; very useful if you want to affect one element of a sound sometime after the sound starts.

Channel 5 parameters Low EQ Frequency There also may be noise due to the random power up states in the digital hardware prior to the software establishing correct values. Chapter 8 Keyboard Scaling Page 4 Page 4 of Global Edit mode lets you adjust how sensitive the keyboard’s velocity will be 00 to When you are auditioning Programs, you will be in Program Play Mode.

Note that due to the fact that the MIDI Input and Output circuits are internally grounded through the PCB tracesthis test can not detect a broken ground on either jack i.

When you want the initial attack of a note to be bright, but want the sustaining part to be filtered. The number next to each function name represents one of the four effect sends. While ignored by the software, it can make troubleshooting a real open in the data buss more difficult.

The outputs of all these effects are routed back to the Outputs, and sent through the shelving EQ effect.


Send 4 has only a Mono Delay effect, which may also be routed to Reverb 1. Other sounds or channels will no longer cause portamento interaction. Much larger than a room, Halls are characterized by their high ceilings, irregular shapes, and generally uniform density of reflections.

Alesis QS7.1 User Manual

This will take about 40 seconds. Setting modulation to 00 turns off the modulation source.

Pitch Keyboard On or Off This determines whether or not the selected channel will respond to the keyboard, pitch-bend and mod wheels, foot pedals and sustain pedal of the QS itself. Greater diffusion works better with percussive sounds, whereas less amounts of diffusion work well with vocals and other sustained sounds. Poly mode allows you to play polyphonically.

When in Program Play Mode and the [1 20] Group is selected, the [8] and [9] buttons will not function, since Programs only go from 00 to Don’t show me this message again. This can be one of the most difficult types of problems to troubleshoot. All other ranges or layers will not respond to the keyboard they will respond to incoming MIDI messages on their respective channels.

Alesis QS Service manual |

This can be due either incorrect software values or faulty hardware. You might think of these as the typical post-fader sends found on a mixing console. Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Global Settings Global Edit Mode is where you will find several parameters which affect the entire instrument, such as overall master tuning, controller settings, and keyboard mode. This provides the same function as the sustain or damper pedal on a standard keyboard. Therefore, to retain the results of your edit, you must save it to a particular memory location see the next section on Storing.