Álgebra Multilineal (regino Martínez Chavanz); $ , Tapa del libro Discontinuous Galerkin Methods For Solving Elliptic And Parabolic Equations: Theory. Regino Criado and Miguel Romance. 2 . e-mail: @; miguel. [email protected] Linear and Multilinear Algebra 39, 19–31 () J.A. Dunne, R.J. Williams, and N.D. Martinez, Food-web structure and network theory: . The identifiability criteria are implemented, in Macaulay2, in the ancillary file Identifiability.m2. Subjects: Algebraic Geometry (); Computational Geometry.

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Algebra Multilineal-Regino Martinez_Chavanz.pdf

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Algebra Multilineal-Regino – Free Download PDF

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