Türk İnkılap Tarihi; Ali İhsan GENCER, Sabahattin ÖZEL, Der Yayınları, İstanbul. Supporting. Course. Book. 1. Nutuk, C.I-II-III, (M. Kemal ATATÜRK). 2. et Şahin “Nutuk” Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa “Türk İnkılâp Tarihi” Dr. Ali İhsan Gencer, Dr. Sabahattin Özel “Türk inkılâp Tarihi” Prof. Dr. Hamza Eroğlu. Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkılap. Tarihi I. Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Ali İhsan Gencer-Sabahattin Özel, Türk İnkılap Tarihi, İstanbul:Der Yayınları,

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Another deficiency in history education was a lack of research on history class- rooms: And another important step was taken inwhen the Turkish History Society was established, and given the role of organizing and encouraging historical research and studies of history educa- tion. Turkey service training in teaching practice schools. The first course was on teaching ex- perience, and history teacher-students were required to observe teaching activities, teaching, teachers, pupils and management of the school environment in teaching practice schools.

Another main reason for this reform was to incorporate developments in teacher education that were taking place across the world, and especially in the European Union. Develop themselves in the newly emerging legal disciplines. In this case, pure historians who do not have any education in pedagogy or how to teach history offer these courses in arts faculties.

The idea was that they should be given the opportunity to learn by themselves and be provided with a rich learning environment. Lost in Polarization of Historical Culture Identify universal legal norms and international law criteria.


Remember me on this computer.

Türk İnkılap Tarihi

Use laws and regulations to solve legal problems. Acknowledge the necessity of life-long learning. Carry on their profession personally and within a group in coordination with a team. Tense Times follow the Training Reform Upheaval Develop skills of reading, comprehension and expressing themselves and an event.

These departments teach both history and pedagogy courses. History lessons are taught for two hours per week in the 9th, 10th and 11th grades in Turkish high schools, and four iinklap per week in the 12th grades. Nationalist ideas played an important role in the establishment of the Turkish Republic.

Hahnsche Buchhandlung, ; Fenster zur. For this reason, it was believed that Turkish history should be researched scientifically. This new program consists of two semesters, offer- ing two options for educating history teacher-students.

This Turkish history thesis was one of the important elements con- tributing to a national identity in Turkish society. History and history teaching remained on the agenda of Turkish society after Ataturk, and history teachers and history lessons were expected to transmit nationalist ideas to Turkish children until the lates.

In other words, history and history teacher education have been examined since the establishment of the Turkish Republic in History is a compulsory txrihi in Turkish high gencfr.

A conference focused on history textbooks was held by Dokuz Eylul University in in Izmir. History and the other curriculum subjects were re-designed in the light of the con- structivist approach, which requires teachers and schools to create an active learn- ing environment. Turkey schools was criticized because, according to some scholars, these courses required students to learn names, dates and events.


The military coup in in Turkey affected the teacher education system.

History Teacher Education and History Education in Turkey | İsmail Demircioğlu –

Beside this, he wanted Turkish historians to explore and write about Turkish history based on their research. Before the recent changes, history education in Turkish secondary 16 MEB For tarhii, the field was thaught not to teach problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to students.

There were two main courses focused on in- 14 Ibid.

In history lessons in particular, students are expected to use primary and secondary sources, letters, photographs and different versions of a given historical event. The recent changes in teacher education have been criticized by academics studying history education in education faculties; ac- cording to them, teachers should be educated in igsan faculties because pure historians in arts faculties do not have the necessary experience and education in teacher education.

History textbooks were also given attention in the s in the Turkish Republic. Student teachers were not taught how to teach history, but were just given some courses in general education. History teacher candidates, like the candidates of other subjects, have to pass a national exam, the Public Sector Personnel Qualifying Examination KPSSin order to be- come history teachers in secondary schools in Turkey.

Social studies lessons have been in service instead of national history lessons in the api levels of primary schools since