Description of Anastrepha striata Schiner, generated from a DELTA database. Anastrepha striata Schiner, About This Subject · View Images Anastrepha striata. A. Norrbom et al. guava fruit fly. Anastrepha striata. A. Norrbom et al. The within‐tree distribution of the guava fruit fly, Anastrepha striata in sour guava, Psidium friedrichsthalianum and common guava, P. guajava.

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Dark-brown, somewhat U-shaped mark narrowed or usually interrupted at or anterior to transverse suture. Cite this publication as: The preferred hosts of A. Data not available Vspl: A survey on the occurrence and flight periods of fruit fly species Diptera: Revista Brasileira de Entomologia, 32 2: The body is largely orange with dark-brown and yellow markings.

Anastrepha striata – Fruit Fly ID Australia

Olarte Espinosa W, Summary of Invasiveness Top of page A. Systematic Database of Names. Refer to the ‘Fruit Fly Databases’ http: Glans present; without spinules.

Title Fruit flies on untreated grapefruit. Cell bm entirely hyaline or infuscated only along subapical fold. Diagnostico de la situacion actual del problema de las moscas anastrdpha la fruta en el Ecuador. Lateral surstylus in posterior view not boot-shaped.


Data not available Sau3AI: Rsa I is diagnostic, but additional restriction enzymes are needed for a robust identification. Anastrepha striata has four small caudal papillules above and below posterior spiracles. Aluja M Norrbom AL, See Norrbom a for additional host data. Anastrepha striata is the only species of Anastrepha in which the mating behavior is known to include trophallaxis passing of a substance from the male to the female via the mouthparts Norrbum Tephritidae flies under field-cage conditions.

Anastrepha striata Schiner

Crossvein dm-cu orientation with anterior end more distal than posterior end. Tephritidae Trypetidae, TrupaneidaeIn: Fruit Flies of Economic Significance: The caudal segment may contain tubercles or papillules, which often are indistinct. Anastrepha striata Schiner Insecta: In two-choice tests using Multilure sriata placed in field cages, traps baited with live anastreph, ethyl hexanoate, or the three-component blend captured more females than unbaited traps.

Vein M strongly curved apically; section between bm-cu and r-m 1. The larvae of Anastrepha are extremely difficult to identify and specialist help should be sought to confirm critical identifications.

Sex Pheromone of Anastrepha striata.

Stone, ; Norrbom et al. S-band middle section predominantly or entirely orange, often with brown margins. The anal lobes of Anastrepha striata are bifid.

Thorax of the guava fruit fly, Anastrepha striata Schiner, dorsal view. Mesonotum orange, or dark orange.


Thoracic and abdominal segments: Frontal setae 3—6 usually 4—5. Analyses of pheromonal components released by A. Its exact native range is obscure, but its presence in southern Brazil has been detected only recently, su Host plant database for Anastrepha and Toxotrypana Diptera: Dinamica poblacional del complejo constituido por las moscas de anastrephw frutas Anastrepha striata Schiner y Anastrepha fraterculus Wiedeman en el medio ecologico del sur de Santander.

Crossvein dm-cu oblique, with anterior end more distal than posterior end. Stone, ; Molineros et al. Caribbean fruit flies demonstrate a preference for an untreated, yellow-skinned grapefruit versus the gibberellic acid-treated green one striat the background.

Prevention and Control Top of page Control can anatsrepha considerably aided by good cultural practices, for example by gathering all fallen and infected host fruits and destroying them.

Hedstrom I, Jimenez J, Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington, 92 2: Systema antliatorum secundum ordines, genera, species, adiectis synonymis, locis, observationibus, descriptionibus.