Art critic, historian and journalist Anita Brenner () is Idols Behind Altars is her influential historical and critical study of modern. Title, Idols Behind Altars. Author, Anita Brenner. Edition, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Biblo & Tannen Publishers, ISBN, X, User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Hardcover. No DJ. Possible first edition. Part of DJ glued to inside cover. Edges of spine are a little tattered.

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It is terra cotta, supple figurines of old men sitting, and priestly men, and women symbolic of fertility; of animals suggesting the fruitful tropics — monkeys, parrots, crocodiles, jaguars, serpents, lizards, humming-birds, snails, fishes, frogs; of gourds, melons, squashes, pumpkin blossoms, maize; and shells, long and hollow, curved and spiral; and composites of all these — man-and-frog, man-and-bird, man-and-monkey, an- thropomorphic animals and animalized men, human-headed birds and bird-faced human figures, men with aniita and fangs; and combinations of animals — jdols with jaguar claws, serpents with plumes.

Her writings helped popularize the Mexican muralists in the U. He went so far as to question the right of the Crown in America.

Tabitha Cronenberg marked it as to-read Mar 24, The Aztec empire was organized on a system of high central- ization, mass production, and specialization. Art critic, historian and journalist Anita Brenner is acknowledged to be one of the most important and perceptive writers on the art, culture, and political history of Mexico. Maya marked it as to-read Behnd 23, The correct attitude was this: It belittles him for his trumped-up value. Others have believed that you were monsters cast from the bosom of the sea; that the thirst for gold had made you desert your own country; that you were slaves of pleasure, and that so great was your greed, each of you ate as much as ten of my subjects.

In this skirmish four Spaniards were wounded. Above is an accurate and highly scientific pattern of swift-moving legs, with lances giving direction and balance. He came to the foot of an ahuehuete tree and there saw a warrior who was sick. He was rolling brfnner the ground in terrible convulsions.


Always he must die, always return.

Idols Behind Altars – Anita Brenner – Google Books

Suppose you started something you liked very much doing, and had to go away and leave it; and were always longing to come back, always wanting very badly to finish it. So the Spaniards planned departure. Bean Kielbon marked it as to-read Feb 04, On the shores of Chapala today, things similar in form brenndr those of a anjta years ago, and iden- 8. The need to live, creating with materials; the need to altarrs in spiritual order, the physical world; the sense of fitness— these are components of an artist’s passion, and these are the Mexi- can integrity.

Anitq martyr-messiah was dated. Both are heroic, the mestizo in tone, the Indian in history and daily life. It was not necessary to dye the cotton, for it grew of many colors, and all other fruits and grains were of behinf beauty and abundance. A few nobles were chartered free men. Therefore in these places the forms into which group emotions were moulded, as persuasions and as images, were forms de- rived from these concerns. If a mother took her child with her. When the older semi-personal habit became an official creed, with a learned priesthood; and social organization, growing more and more compact, made possible the work of many days, hands and minds on a single project, art was a thing of temples and frescos that could be seen miles away.

The decrees were carefully filed; the trouble- some friars were soon enriched, or died of a broken heart, like Fray Bartolome. There is a good deal of faith in these prophecies. The processes which made groups live and grow as integrated groups were assuredly still going on when the Spaniards came. Christine marked it as to-read Apr 14, Karen rated it really liked it Nov 26, The surface is fine stucco. He sent for Atonatiuh and said: For the children, candy skulls, pastry coffins, ribs and thigh-bones made of idold and frosted sugar, tombstones, wreaths, and pretentious alrars.


Leaving his name and address, he departed. Little flags fly from the mounds; anuta arcades and booths are raised over them, as upon holiday canoes. They are different from all the rest of Mexico in that they are not a sad people.

For we suffer of a disease in the heart that only gold can cure. This might spoil his concentration on being better than skillful, and, moreover, pride was not justified in a being so lowly that there was always a higher.

Sometimes to see about a bit of business. Cara Pico marked it as to-read Oct 07, His form is multiple. Or it can be seen as a great number of little groups or bigger groups, each with a more or less defined style of living and point of view, constantly interchanging influences and materials across time and space; with some intimacy, from the Pueblo region to Central America.

Yet New Spain prospered. When he wanted to publish a de- cree, he sent to the mountain of sounds a messenger whose voice could be heard three hundred miles.

Idols Behind Altars: Modern Mexican Art and Its Cultural Roots

They came with the confident insolence of a tribe following znita com- mand, seeking “an eagle on a cactus with a serpent in its beak”, and found that sign on an island in the middle of a lake, adjoining Teotihuacan.

From Spain you bring nothing; in New Spain you do nothing; and nevertheless you grow very rich. They had mechanical and spiritual rules of craft. Justice was therefore severe, and the process of it delicately balanced and complex.