In defying the tyrant Creon and going to her death, Antigone conveyed to Anouilh’s compatriots a covert message of heroic resistance; but the author’s. Antigone. [Jean Anouilh; Barbara Bray; Ted Freeman] — Antigone was originally produced Publisher: London ; New York: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, Student Editions: Antigone by Ted Freeman and Jean Anouilh (, Paperback, New . Antigone (Methuen Drama, Methuen Student Edition) by Jean Anouilh.

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Jean Anouilh ‘s Antigone isn’t a paragon of virtue. People who bought this also bought.

I found that in this specific instance, it is difficult not to understand Creon’s actions: Revised Edition Paperback Textbooks. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This quote made sense to me. A traumatic childhood event can begin the personal conditioning process.

It is certainly true that the occupation was on Anouilh’s mind when he wrote Antigone.

Antigone by Jean Anouilh

I highly recommend this play. Anouilh himself grouped his plays on the basis of their dominant tone: By presenting Antigone as being almost naive and pigheadedly irrational and Creon as tenuously considerate and reasonable, Anouilh exposes the real pith of both characters.

Like his Antigone, he could no longer see life the way he used to, but he couldn’t accept it as it is now.

My own conclusion is that that is hardly what the author intended. At first I was rather disappointed by this; Sophocles’ characters act irrationally, which is more fun, and also I think more realistic.


Student Editions: Antigone by Ted Freeman and Jean Anouilh (2009, Paperback, New Edition)

I’m giving the play 4 stars. Because oh, boyhow depressing Jean Anouilh was!

This is not the powerful Antigone of Greek Tragedy. It’s about the power of drama and literature to move us but also to allow room for expression. Creon is the evil tyrant and Antigone is the voice of resistance. Chiudi le tue mani, chiudi le tue mani, fai presto.

Student Editions: Antigone by Ted Freeman and Jean Anouilh (, Paperback, New Edition) | eBay

Aug 06, Fergus rated it really liked it. In the commentary, it is mentioned that some critics interpret the play as apologist for the Vichy regime in Nazi-occupied France by antigome.jean pragmatism and circumspection antigone.jean the character of Creon. So we choose sides. Why was it so important for her to resist Creon over a small thing like a burial? What’s interesting is the representation of the harsh and unyielding ruler Creon Hitler.

I don’t understand how someone could not love this. Anouilh has created a fascinating version of Antigone, but not one that I prefer to Sophocles’. The play depicts an authoritarian regime and the play’s central character, the young Antigone, mirrored the predicament of the French people in the grips of tyranny.

If you haven’t Read this play any time you feel you’re being talked into something which sounds plausible, but which you know in your heart just stinks. Elle n’est pas forte, sa confiance en elle est parfois au plus bas, elle n’est pas parfaite mais tout au long de l’histoire elle poursuit son but sans flancher: This guy was palatable to the French resistance and the Nazi occupiers alike so I’m sure, like most good politicians, he will be able to get most readers to at least see some validity in his point of view.


In the “note by the adapter” of the translation I read, he Lewis Galantiere, who is, incidentally, a wonderful translator related how Anouilh had to have the approval of the German censor in order for his play to open in Paris in She is stubborn and entirely unable to see reason.

Father was ugly, antigine.jean. His authority would be undermined if he, antivone.jean King, gave in and that would be no good for the people of Thebes.

The performance was allowed by the Nazi regime because the portrayal of the king was complex and ambiguous, emphasising the difficulties of ruling and the tough decisions he has to make, rather antigkne.jean portraying him as an outright tyrant. One of my favourite books.