Title: Apu Ollantay A Drama of the Time of the Incas Author: Sir Clements R. Markham Release Date: October, [EBook #] [Yes, we are more than one. Apu Ollantay has ratings and 15 reviews. Marlen said: Es una hermosa comedia trágica Quechua, es una obra que está muy bien estructurada, y a ratos s. Apu Ollantay by Sir Clements Robert Markham, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It is still daylight. There is next another scene in the garden of the convent, in which Yma Sumac importunes Pitu Salla to tell her the secret of the prisoner. Full text of ” Apu Ollantay: Dost thou here seek Ollantay’s fate?

Distant view of Ollantay-tampu.

Camest thou not fearing death? The realm, rejoicing, hails me king; From deep recesses of my heart I swear to seek the good of all.

Give me the water and the food.

Both look out at different sides. Ollanfay it was not the dress of the High Priest as described by the best authorities. Cusi Coyllur tells her story, and a magnanimous Tupac Yupanqui frees her and immediately gives her hand to Ollantay, ending the Inca drama on a happy note. The person represented must have been a general, from the ornament on the forehead, called mascapaycha, and there are wounds cut on the face. The great Yupanqui ollanttay now here.

Apu Ollantay : A Drama of the Time of the Incas Sovereigns of Peru about A.D. 1470

He is at work. O Urco, the Inca has made A great and a powerful chief, And grants thee with marvellous grace The arrow and also the plume. When the gates are opened, Rumi Nawi’s men capture Ollantay, Orqo Waranka, and other rebels without resistance, eventually bringing them to Cusco to face Tupac Yupanqui’s judgement.


The second act opens with a grand scene in the hall of the fortress- palace of Ollantay-tampu. Let me not see thy face again.

His notes on special words and on the construction of sentences are often very interesting. Yupanqui makes joy succeed grief, He may well count[FN 85] for many years.

Noble Chief of Colla, retire; Seek repose in thy house for a time. In the latter capacity he was mainly responsible for organising the National Antarctic Expedition of —04, and for launching the ollantag career of Robert Falcon Scott. To warn all ollanfay from such guilt. Who has ill-treated thee?

Thou shouldst find the wife of thy choice, And with her reign happily here In Cuzco; repose without care; Rest here while I’m absent in war.

Apu Ollantay: Introduction

The people are sending up cries, Demanding their deaths without fail. Most people start at our Web sites at: Enter to him R. Ollantay, behold thy royal wife, Honour and cherish her henceforth. Although Tupac doesn’t yet know whom this is, he takes an interest in the case and together with Ollantay goes to the Acllahuasi.

Garcilasso de la Vega, Molina, and Salcamayhua are the authorities who received and have recorded the information given by the Amautas respecting the Inca drama. Around me there is nothing bright, All are weeping and ne’er cease If I could ever have my way, No person should remain within.

This ring contains my potent charm, For this I place it on thy hand. Ollantay is seated on the tiana by Hanco Huayllu, an aged Auqui or Prince. Tupac Yupanqui to the Uillac Uma. No one else can be taken for her, With her beauty no girl can compare.


Alas, where art thou now? All will be trained, all fully armed, I will guide them to Sacsahuaman. This was an expression of the ancient Peruvians, perhaps equivalent to our ‘hoodwinking. Copy of the Valdez text. What means that chain bound around her? Thine eyes are lovely and bright, As the rays of my father the Sun. In a grey tunic and black mantle from the shoulders to the ground, a long knife in his belt, the undress chucu on his head.

This, as afterwards appears, is Yma Sumac, the daughter of Ollantay and Cusi Coyllur, aged ten, but ignorant of her parentage. Art thou under thy father’s curse? There are rejoicings, and in the midst of it all Yma Sumac forces her way into the hall, and throws herself at the Inca’s feet, entreating him to save her mother from death.

Karla Echevarria Merello rated it really liked it Jun 20, Calderon The Courtier, A Tale. Piqui Chaqui, where art thou? The learned Swiss naturalist, von Tschudi, published a revised edition of his translation at Vienna inwith a parallel German translation. There are explanations, and all ends happily. Those Antis were strangled in sleep, But the fort is entirely razed.

Some of these dramas, and portions of others, were preserved in the memories of members of Inca and Amauta families.