Phone, Suggest a phone number Canciones y villanescas espirituales: Apuestan zagales dos. Song. (); Apuestan zagales dos (); Sabes lo qué heziste? (); O, Virgen, quando’s miro (); Zagales sin seso vengo (); Quando’s miro mi dios ( ). Apuestan zagales dos [] ¿ Sabes lo que heziste? [] O, Virgen, quando’s miro [] Zagales sin seso vengo [] Quando’s miro mi Dios [].

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Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Vamos al portal.

Liber vesperarum Guerrero, Francisco Sin ediciones Obra. Nevertheless, this is probably the finest disc of the three.

Guerrero Hispalensis

Autor de 74 Obras. Cantor contraltino en la Catedral de Sevilla Fresco y claro arroyuelo Guerrero, Francisco Sin ediciones Obra. The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music. The interpretations are secure and generally well managed, with soprano tones capable of taking wing during long melismas try the Alma redemptoris mater ; they may lack the final degree of polish particularly in the longer selectionsbut the approach taken is sympathetic and clearly heartfelt.

Composition Artist Credits Dicebat Iesus.

Villanescas II

The approach is less studiedly choral than one finds elsewhere, since other anthologies from the likes of the Tallis Scholars, Westminster Cathedral Zatales and Hesperion XX are for larger forces under a conductor. Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Zagales sin seso vengo. He wrote many of these villancicos early in his career, but when he issued them much later, in apuestam at the request of friends and patronshe took the precaution of substituting devotional texts albeit apuuestan the vernacular for their worldly originals.


Viage de Jerusalen Libro. In festo Corporis Christi: Vicemaestro de capilla y encargado de los seises en Sevilla y maestro de capilla Opera omnia Guerrero, Francisco Sin ediciones Obra. Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Virgen sancta. Viage de Ierusalem Libro. Unlike Morales and Victoria, with whom his name is so often linked, Guerrero published secular pieces in Spanish during his lifetime. Nevertheless, the music is of apuestqn quality, and reveals such a different side to the composer, that it may well be worth hearing both.

Prado verde y florido D.

Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Juicios sobra una estrella. Missa super flumina Babylonis p Registro sonoro musical. Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Acaba de matarme.

There is the odd blemish: Missarum liber tertius Guerrero, Francisco Sin ediciones Obra. Guerrero Hispalensis Dicebat Iesus.

‎Musica Ficta, Ensemble Fontegara, Raul Mallavibarrena on Apple Music

Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Hombres victoria, victoria. Another Spanish group, La Trulla, presents selections of the same repertory with very little duplication only four pieces are found on both discs.


Adrichem, Christian van [i. La fiesta de Pascua en Piazza Navona: If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information. Zaales me post te, Virgo Maria: Francisco GuerreroSevilla, ibid. De Reyes Guerrero, Francisco 2 ediciones Obra.

Huyd, huyd, o ciegos amadores D. Participa en 18 Obras. The approach is broadly the same as regards the different combinations of voices and instruments, though less deftly executed. But dks would have taken more than a change of words to disguise their infectious playfulness. Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Mi ofensa’s grande.

Quae est ista formosa? Misa Beata Apuestn D. Francisco Guerrero y Alonso Lobo: Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Claros y hermosos ojos.

Guerrero Hispalensis |

Adrichem, Christian van Libro. Obras en las que participa.

The recording ambience is very different, too, with the microphones placed some little distance from the singers. Canciones y Villanescas espirituales, Sabes los que heziste?

Prado verdfe y florido Guerrero, Francisco Sin ediciones Obra. Tu dorado cabello Guerrero, Francisco Sin ediciones Obra.