Title, Aqidah salaf ashabul hadits. Serial buku At-Tibyan. Author, Syaikhul Islam Abu Isma’il Ash-Shabuni. Publisher, Pustaka At-Tibyan, Export Citation. Ismail bin Abdurachman Al-Shabuni is the author of Aqidah Salaf Ashhabul Hadits ( avg rating, 8 ratings, 1 review) and Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits &. The Explanation of the Creed of the Salaf, by Imaam Abee Uthmaan Ismaa’eel bin Abdir-Rahmaan As-Saaboonee,rahimahullaah, as.

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I will explain about these groups in the next section. Regarding the contrasting opinions, he stated that proponents of both opinions should respect and have regard for each other. These fatwas were produced by Salafi ulamas in the Middle East upon request of a number of Indonesian Salafi teachers.

Al Ustadz Dzulqarnain Aqidah Salaf Ashabul Hadits

He did not point to Rodja Radio specifically. The agreement urged them to stop making tahdhir against their fellow Salafis. Three radio stations discussed here give no explanation of this concept, but in practice they follow a specific saaf they consider to be in line with Islam.

The website is managed by Dzulqarnain and his group.

This agreement was written in Arabic, dated 26 Jumada al-Ula 2 July A Contest for Religious Authority previously categorised by writers for instance, Hasan ; Bulabo et al. Within the Yemeni network, two groups the Baabduh network and the Dzulqarnain network are competing. Salafis aspire to emulate the way of life of the prophet as literally as possible.

In his daurah in Balikpapan,14 Baabduh labelled a Salafi teacher, Asnur, in Kendari, Kalimantan, as hajuri or hajawuri, meaning follower of al-Hajuri, director of the Dar al-Hadith school in I have demonstrated that three major Salafi networks played a significant role in the current Salafi movement, including Any errors and shortcomings are my sole responsibility.


I have described how they have been divided into groups and how three Salafi radio stations in Surakarta represent each group. They use such issues as sururi and hizbi partisanship to criticise and attack each other.

The label sururi has been applied not only to those rivals of Thalib.

Ismail bin Abdurachman Al-Shabuni (Author of Aqidah Salaf Ashhabul Hadits)

In the tahdhir above, al-Jabiri does not mention any specific Salafi radio station. Surakarta is the other name of Solo, Central Java.

Click here to sign up. Similarly, there is no single authority for Salafis. In short, this media business has become of the utmost importance, both for mobilisation for dakwah and for making money. According to the agreement, the Salafis involved slaaf conflict were not allowed to publicise the past matters of disputes through media such as magazines, radio stations and the Internet.

Both formed their own groups. The questions raised and the answers given in the session were linked to this situation.

Salafi Dakwah Radio A Contest for Religious Authority | sunarwoto dema –

Aired on the radio and the Internet, daurah reaches beyond its initial audience. Among them, Muhammad ibn Sirin d. Whatever the reason, the fact was that Baabduh together with Mahri and others was and is still in conflict with Dzulqarnain and his allies.

Since the demise of its founder, patronage within the Yemeni network has changed considerably. His real name is Chomsaha Ashzbul. A Contest for Religious Authority while others are managed by those hzdits to the Dzulqarnain network.


They are often invited to give sermons and talks in such events as daurah workshop and kajian ilmiah scholarly discussion. The Hindu became increasingly interested in Islam as he ashzbul listened to a dakwah radio station.

Every time a conflict occurs, it is publicised through the radio. The summarised advices are available in Indonesian translation at http: Moving images have been contested by both Salafis and non-Salafis. One is related to the problem of music, and the other to the presence of female announcers or presenters. Thereafter the Hindu failed to convert to Islam. I have discussed this topic elsewhere Sunarwoto The recording of his advice to the supporters of takfir ideology declaring a person to be an unbeliever can be found at https: References Abdul Malik, Aqidwh.

At the same time, by doing so, Thalib tried to gain support from funding organisations in those countries. Among the questions were how to be consistent in the pursuit of religious knowledge and how to behave toward those preoccupied with uadits fitnah. Similarly, Al-Madinah FM says: He was born in Lamongan, East Java in In this section, I focus on the ideological differences between Salafi radio stations. The central issue I hope to address here is that of religious authority.