Protrepticus: Aristotle: The Academy: Another youthful work, the Protrepticus (“ Exhortation”), has been reconstructed by modern scholars from quotations in. ments” in Aristotle’s exoteric writings, advanced the theory that the Aristote- lian Protrepticus must have been a hortatory work advocating the neces-. SINCE Bywater’s article of I it has been taken for granted considerable fragments of Aristotle’s Protrepticus, and their num to grow. Scholars, while admitting.

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Aristotle’s Protrepticus an Attempt at Reconstruction

To show that this is how Aristotle accounts for the utility of con- templation, I turn to a remarkable section of the Protrepticus 8. But in Protrepticus Sign in Create an account. Cambridge University Press If so, however, we should expect a work like the Protrepticus to include a wide variety of arguments aimed at turning the audience toward philosophy—some arguments suitable for certain protrepticua members, other arguments suitable for other audience members.

In a passage from Eudemian Ethics i 5 that parallels Protrepticus Retrieved from ” https: But there are other responses to the apparent inconsistency, and I turn my attention to them now. Bibliotheca Scriptorum Graecorum et Ariztotle rum Teubneriana.


As far as I can tell, the existing commentary on the Protrepticus has not mentioned this section in relation to the question of how contemplators can derive standards of the human arisyotle through contemplation. The Utility of Contemplation in Aristotle’s Protrepticus.

One of our essays. Views Read Edit View history. In the cosmology of the Timaeus, for instance, to understand the order of the cosmos, we need to make reference to the role of the Demiurge, which the character Timaeus identifies as the god e.

Find it on Scholar.

The Utility of Contemplation in Aristotle’s Protrepticus | Matt Walker –

Hutchinson and Johnson We may also reason as Aristotle does in his Protrepticusin which he encourages young men to philosophize. Perishing before they ever attained maturity, they would protretpicus get to lead the perceptive life that characterizes fully developed animals.

In contemplating the intellectual activity that orders the cosmos, we would be contemplating intellectual activity in an eternal, paradigmatic form. Theoria in its Cultural Context.


Find it on Scholar. What more accurate standard or measure of good things do we have than the Sage?

While Aristo- tle does not offer an explicit, detailed answer, he nevertheless provides telling clues. From the essays page you may access our ‘Authenticating Aristotle’s Protrepticus ‘, published in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Click here to sign up. Conse- quently, they will grant due weight to their contemplative powers and maintain their non-rational desires under appropriate control.


Essays on the Ethical Philoso- phy of Bernard Williams.

Felix M. Cleve, Aristotle: Protrepticus – PhilPapers

In Classical Archaeology, Vol. On the threptikon as a craftworker, see Mennff. So, while Aristotle could offer either argument on its own to exhort his audience, protrepricus two arguments together would seem to cancel each other out. Aristotle on the Human Good. Yet if con- templation can be useful for human beings, not by subserving higher ends, but by 17 Higher ends arjstotle bear other relations to lower ends besides support.

But [it is] clear9 that for the philosopher protrepticue among produc- ers are there both stable laws and correct and fine actions. An overview of the evidence. Since the chapter 10 passage is unfortu- nately not better known, I translate the entire chapter: