The Armadillo is a sidemount specific rig, with integral buoyancy compensator and limited adjustment harness. Armadillo CCR Side mount System. Armadillo CCR side mount kit provides attachment points for carrying ultimately streamlined bailout bottles. The basic setup. Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has scuba sets mounted alongside .. In Brett Hemphill designed the Armadillo Side- Mount Harness. The Armadillo innovated several features that would be utilized in many.

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The only thing I added to the second stages was a small clip at the end of the hose so that I could clip whichever regulator I was not breathing from to my chest d-ring sidemout that it was available at all times. Not yet available Manufacturers Link: However, the manifold itself creates additional potential o-ring failure points, and a major leak at the manifold will deprive the diver of at least one-half of the remaining gas supply.

The UTD Z-system provides an approach to emulate back mounted Hogarthian configuration by quick-connecting two primary gas supply sidemount cylinders to a manifold block mounted behind the shoulders on the Z-system harness, from which long hose primary and necklace secondary demand valves are supplied, reducing the demand valve arrangement to a functional approximation of the standard Hogarthian configuration at the expense of additional complexity of components.

View cart Your Wishlist: Inside view of Apeks sidemount harness showing weight pocket, the harness webbing and buoyancy compensator. The armadllo hose does NOT stow nicely in my opinion. Make sure the left and right shoulder D-rings are even.

On sidmount Dacor Fury, the position OK. The tank band placement is critical for proper trim of both the tanks and the diver underwater.

Sidemount diving – Wikipedia

Attaching the waist buckle Fig. To position the waist buckle: Attaching the cylinder bungee to the cylinder valve Fig. No information available Material: The bladder and harnesses and individual hardware xrmadillo are available separately — allowing sidemount divers to pick an exact rig specification to suit their preferences and needs.


The small bungee strap is attached to the slider link and to the armpit D-ring. However, because they operated in very confined spaces, and most exploration remained primarily ‘dry’, they began experimenting and improvising with extremely minimalist configurations, minimising bulk, allowing cylinders to be easily removed and replaced, and retaining the capacity to squeeze through the tightest restrictions.

Attaching the low-pressure inflator to the harness Fig. He is currently writing a series of books to be published on advanced diving topics. However, in open circut as these are now my active regulators I wanted them closer. The harness is reminiscent of the X-Deep Stealth, with a teardrop shaped wing, similar to the Razor 2.

Whether attached to the primary cylinder, or slung at the chest, these cylinders often present problems with stability and streamlining, whilst not always providing more than a bare minimum supply of air for emergency ascent. These are the robust ‘big rigs’, generally used with steel cylinders.

Some sidemount divers have special fittings on the right and left second stages to allow them swivel for better orientation to the didemount mouth, and some use longer ‘donor’ hoses on one of the regulators. The simplicity of the shoulder harness, waist belt and crotch strap keep the system very clean and streamlined while eliminating needless straps, buckles and D-rings.

Dituri Dive Xtras Inc. The anti-taco cover bolts through atmadillo backplate and wing, wraps around the sides and is held securely with bungee armadiklo the torso. The two most common side mount rigs used by Australian cave divers are the Dive Rite Nomad and the Armadillo.

Side mount systems offer increased easy of handling and mobility with dives that require transports in thick jungles, dry cave sections or any other location that requires divers, sherpas or pack mules to tote cylinders over long distances. It is not designed to fit extremely small or extra large people. Dive Systems Twin Independent Manifolded Twins Side Mounts Rigs Stage Cylinders Rebreathers Review By Joseph Emmanuel Ever wondered what it’s like to dive to meters, to be waiting alone in the dark, your only way back to safety a thin nylon line snaking away from you, up and up and up into the darkness and down and down and down into the blackness.


Tighten the cam strap and close the cam buckle. The implications depend on the team size and the dive profile, and range from very simple for a situation where the diver can make a safe free ascent at any point of the dive, to complex, when a team of two or three divers is constrained from surfacing immediately by decompression obligations or a hard overhead, and rely on each other for emergency gas supply at any point of the planned dive, particularly when a variety of gases are carried which are each only suitable for a specific depth range.

A typically minimalist and lightweight approach, generally used with aluminum cylinders.

Sidemount diving

Not yet sisemount User Manual: The basic sidemount configuration requires different techniques for sharing gas, compared to the isolation manifolded twins back mount configuration. It is available in both single and dual bladder versions; with sizes M — XXL.

A blanking lug is included for those who prefer not to use the top-outer LPI. Sizes from 5 feet cm tall, pounds 52 kg siidemount 6 feet, 5 inches cm tall, pounds sideomunt should have little problem sizing the harness to fit them. Buoyancy is a massive 50lbs of lift — perfect for the most demanding trimix sidemount deep dives.

The lower cylinder clip attaches to D-rings mounted on the waist belt or ‘rails’ on a butt plate.

Therefore the dive is turned when either cylinder drops to two thirds of armadilko capacity. A short fitting model S has also been released. To position the armpit D-rings: Archived from the original on 1 May Slide the shoulder straps under the waist strap and tighten to a comfortable fit.