Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability. Home; >; Publications & Forms; >; Army Regulations; >; AR AR POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR PROPERTY ACCOUNTABILITY. AR Soldiers and Department of the Army civilian employees may have to pay for Army property they lose or damage. Under Army Regulation (AR) , financial .

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Relief-from-responsibility forms should be processed for any unresolved discrepancies found when comparing your copy of the hand receipt to that of the PBO. Thousands of troops depend on the availability of sensitive items.

All items not found will be listed on a shortage annex and initialed by you or your property book officer PBO.

For flexibility, the major components are issued as separate items of equipment. The five levels are —. AR —2 governs the processes that should be used in daily supply activities, and DA Pamphlet —2—1 tells you how to conduct these processes by providing examples of applicable forms. Consider adding information to your SOP on where Soldiers should stow their weapons when they return to garrison after a field training exercise.

Ten-percent item inventories must be conducted by you, the primary hand receipt holder; only extreme cases warrant deviations. The first task is to schedule an office call with the battalion commander so that he can offer direction reggulation advice. This is your personal responsibility as company commander. Alexa Actionable Regu,ation for the Web.

If shortages are discovered, give sub-hand receipt holders time to search for the items before compiling a list of items that cannot be found. One way of doing this is by holding a pre-inventory briefing with key personnel the day before the inventory begins. Before submitting a request for an extension, make sure it has been cleared through the battalion executive officer and the battalion commander.


Also, the CSDP is meant to simplify command, supervisory, and managerial responsibilities. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Property Management for Company Commanders.

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Ensure that vehicles have all vehicle operator regulatikn equipment and all basic issue items displayed. At an Inland Petroleum Distribution System site, Soldiers inventory components of an gallon-per-minute mainline pump. The schedule should allow time to inventory all unit property thoroughly and complete administrative actions required by regulations.

Sub-hand receipt holder counseling should include proper management of critical items. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook.

Army Logistician (Property Management for Company Commanders)

Prepare a list of all technical manuals, supply catalogs, and supply and technical bulletins pertaining to the equipment on rrgulation hand receipt, including their latest publication date. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Whenever ar,y, inventory like items together. A materiel allowance list MAL should be developed that contains information on all sensitive items, including the names of personnel assigned individual weapons and the serial numbers of the weapons and their components.

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The executive officer usually will know if you can get approval. These publications will provide you with a pictorial description of your equipment and indicate whether or not it has components. A copy of the current primary hand receipt should be obtained from the installation PBO before the audit. Brief all sub-hand receipt holders on the importance of accurate accountability, the severe implications of supply discipline infractions, and the layout of their equipment for inventory purposes.

Do not delay initiating an investigation of financial liability for property when loss, damage, or destruction is evident. Building a Resource Management Team A key element of unit readiness is an effective, skilled resource management team of sub-hand receipt holders. Conducting the Inventory The outgoing commander typically prepares an inventory plan well in advance of his leaving.


A leader is responsible for property in the possession of the personnel he supervises. Ensure that shortages for expendable and nonexpendable items have been requisitioned by verifying the document register and monthly expendable and nonexpendable due-in listings, as appropriate.

Be sure to count the items and verify serial numbers; do not simply rely on the hand receipts. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

AR 735-5 Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability

The tactics that I have shared above are intended to reguation only as a guide to establishing solid property accountability in your unit. Use a memorandum for record to document any discrepancies found.

Also review the due-in column of the primary hand receipt to confirm whether items received have been recorded correctly. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Your copy of the hand receipt should reflect all transactions affecting the primary hand receipt for the current month and transactions not affecting on-hand balances. The plan addresses major requirements of the inventory, lists the schedule to be followed, and incorporates this plan into a coordinated unit training schedule.

Good habits in property accountability do not start during an inventory, and certainly not during a company change-of-command inventory.