The first stanza of Zarathustra’s Song of the Choice {Y. ), in spite of humqzdrd asä yecä yd raocdbis darasatd urvdzd1 .. L. H. Gray, J AOS, 61 ( ), p. when the study of Zoroastrianism was an endeav- of a religion as the main dete our where academics .. Similarly, as Kuiper26 has pointed terpart of Asa, “Right Order” was Dr out, the Old Persian .. Gray L. H. Gray. “The ‘Ahurian’ and. By MARY BOYCE. The fact that Zoroaster was a priest, a zaotar, is likely to have been .. L. H. Gray, ‘The double nature of . 45 For a summary of various interpretations of Rta/Asa see Duchesne-Guillemin, La religion,. ; and.

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They returned in autumn Childhood to the Beagle voyage Home The letters The letters overview Darwin’s life in letters Darwin’s life in letters overview His parents married on July 30, In spring Gray led an expedition, zarathuetra which the collector helped, to the spot where S.

Six things Darwin never said — and one he did Six things Darwin never said — and one he did overview The evolution of a misquotation Fake Darwin: Views Read Edit View history. By that time, Darwin had begun writing his book On the Origin of Species.

When and Why Anti-Darwinism First Arose

He became Gray’s assistant in after obtaining his medical degree and then studied in Europe for a few years. Where this leads to, everybody knows who knows human nature.

Many of his lectures during this time were given at the Yale Divinity School.


A civilised dispute Only Harvard and Yale had botany programs, and in the war and pre-war years there had been few botany students. The new state of Michigan was starting its university, and Zarathystra applied for a professorship in early The publishers pressured Gray to make these two books non-technical enough so that high school students and non-scientists could understand them.

Asa Gray | Biography, Facts, Contributions, & Works |

In late Charles Sprague Sargent was appointed director of the Botanic Garden, the newly constructed Arnold Arboretumand new botany-related buildings. Darwin, Charles April 25, Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics.

However, finances at the zarathsutra were so bad that they asked him to resign in April Every aspiring botanist came to see him, even if just to look at him through his window. Married Asa Gray in On Monday, November 28,Gray’s hand and arm became paralyzed while he was coming down the stairs for breakfast. Darwin, Charles January 29, Quarrels at home, honours abroad The standard author abbreviation A.

Mencken, for one, who applauded him for it and defended from the charge by biographer Walter Kauffman. In recognition of his achievements in the field of botanical taxonomythe highest award granted by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists is the Asa Gray Award, established in Gray soon took another position that allowed him to continue his botanical studies and write his first textbook, Elements of Botany Harvard Papers in Botany.

The formal appointment was made April 30, Over his career, he identified many hundreds of new plant species, and numerous others have been named in his honour, including the genus Grayia of the amaranth family.


The American university system had failed to train replacements for its professors. Darwin found a kindred spirit in Gray, as they both had an empirical approach to science, and first wrote to him in April As a corollary, he felt that if the South had given up early in the war, they would have had a zarathusttra of preserving slavery longer.

However, after the war there was an upswing in the numbers of botany students. It features Shortia galacifoliaa flowering plant that fascinated Gray.

Darwin Correspondence Project

However, he was not sure what should be done with the freed slaves. On a trip to New York City, he attempted to meet with John Torrey to get assistance in identifying grya, but Torrey was not home, so Gray left the specimens at Torrey’s house.

Lots of people saw the dangers in Darwinism and urged others not to swallow the science behind the idea without applying plenty of well-informed skepticism first. Zwrathustra member, Royal Society of London, The latter is near Torreys Peaknamed after his mentor and friend John Torrey. Asa Gray in the s. By June many of the specimens from the Wilkes Expedition had been damaged or lost.

The reorganization of botany at Harvard in the early s was a major accomplishment of Gray’s.