Mind Map Hipotiroidisme – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view FORMAT ASKEP KRITIS DI RUANG Sebaliknya, hipotiroidisme yang diakibatkan oleh TSH yang kurang, kelenjar tiroid tidak membesar karena tidak ada stimulasi. TSH. ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN. Documents Similar To askep Askep-Pada-Sistem- Uploaded by HIPOTIROIDISME.

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Necessary for monitoring effectiveness of therapy and prevention of potentially fatal complications. May decrease nervous energy, promoting relaxation. Decreases tissue edema when appropriate, e. May need assistance to ensure adequate intake of nutrients, identify appropriate supplements. Antithyroid medications can affect or be affected by numerous other medications, requiring monitoring of medication levels, side effects, and interactions.

Early identification of toxic reactions thiourea therapy and prompt intervention are important in preventing development of agranulocytosis.

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Plan in place to meet needs after discharge. Elevated related to adrenal involvement. Reflects underproduction of thyroid hormones. Elevation may alter cardiac contractility. Agranulocytosis is the askdp serious side effect that can occur, and alternative drugs may be given if problems arise. Alkaline phosphatase and serum calcium: May be done to determine cause of hyperthyroidism, differentiate cysts or tumors, diagnose enlargement of thyroid gland.

Consult with dietitian to provide diet high in calories, protein, hipotiroidisne, and vitamins.

Identify stressors and discuss precipitators to thyroid crises, e. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal.


As euthyroid state is achieved, stamina and activity level will increase. Provides more direct measure of circulating volume and cardiac function. Tiroiditis Hashimoto, fase penyembuhan setelah tiroiditis, defisiensi yodium Non-goiter: Provide quiet environment; decreased stimuli, cool room, dim lights.

Hipotiroid kongenital merupakan penyakit pada bayi sejak lahir Pendaftaran Lupakan kata sandi? Peserta Skrining Hipotiroid Kongenital Documents. Glucose, vitamin B complex;Insulin small doses. Aids in controlling serum glucose if elevated. Perut besar dan biasanya ada hernia umbilikalis.


Severity of condition, cause, age, and concurrent complications determine course of treatment. Katalog dalam terbitan Kementrian Kesehatan republik Indoneisa. Hypothyroidism is a hypothyroid state resulting from a hyposecretion of the thyroid hormones T4 and T3.

Diterbitkan oleh Ridwan Hermawan Telah diubah hipotiroidism tahun yang lalu. Weigh daily and report losses. Identify healthy ways to deal with feelings. Dasar Diagnosis Hipotiroid Kongenital Documents. Anatomy of Thyroid Gland. Discuss drug therapy, including need for adhering to regimen, and expected therapeutic and side effects. Van vliet, G, Polak, M. Di akses dari www.

Deasy Silvia –

Batubara, Jose RL, dkk. Does not respond to thyrotropin-releasing hormone TRH.

Refer to support systems as needed, e. N Engl J Med.