Z, Payment Group Next Number, UBE R76BES NN 04/06, This UBE generates a unique identifier for the flat file and assigns a next number from 04/ Appendix: (BRA) Fields for Flat Files for Ato COTEPE 11 of This appendix discusses: Sum of fields: [(09+10+11) − (04+05+06+07+08)]. E update-of-paf-ecf-according-to-ato-cotepe-icmsfromfor

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The first field of each register REG includes the register number. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software cotpee some hard-coded values for this UDC table that you can use as examples to set up the relationship records that meet the requirements of your company. Codes Description Canceled status Canceled status The value for FB.

Now if I try settle the balance from AUC to final asset its providing following error. 80 each record written, increment the record number by 1.

PA Transfer structure is incomplete. Verification end date from a value that you enter in the Ato Cotepe Administ Process program. This UBE sums all of the icjs in the file. Replenishment on Min max levels without RF. Then, add the values for item types in the Codes field of the category code.

This table displays the IPI fiscal value codes that are hard coded cotpee Brazilian localization: You enter a payment term for the description of the code.


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This table includes examples of values for the Description 02 field: You afo set up codes to specify the acceptable separators for decimals. File remittance with additional data to a file previously sent. You associate taxation rules with the companies that you include in company profiles that you create for ICMS tax reporting. The system assigns these values: Use this UDC to specify the document types for which the system does not calculate taxes.

In Goods Receipt what price should be picked and why?

This information is required to identify the payment in return process in the client use code. How to display special character in ABAP report program.

For example, you can set up codes to identify purchases as: Block with information 1: Fixed value of H Add the city codes for every city for every address book record for which you report data. The system would look for the value that you enter within cofepe CO-MunicipalCode element.

Therefore, you must set up special handling codes as follows:.

Bank file return in Brazil – segment Z Eletronic authentication through payments files. If the Bank processing option has a value, that value is used. Enter the element name in the Description 01 field. 0 these codes to specify how IPI tax applies to an item. If the processing option for Boleto Emitter is set to Company 2the attribute value is determined like this: For example, you could cotepw up these codes as indicated in the table:.


The fiscal value codes for ICMS tax indicate whether transactions are taxable, exempt, or eligible for a reduced tax rate.

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Maintain the settlement profile as necessary. The system uses the codes in the Related to Energy and Petroil UDC table to accumulate amounts on notas fiscais that are related to energy and petrol.

The system takes the default PA transfer structure from the settlement profile when you maintain the settlement rule for the sender. The system uses the values that you specify in the Description 02 field to determine the Cktepe contribution rate for aggregation and retention. Codes Description 01 0 Original 1 Rectificative.

You must add this code to the UDC table: Position 3 is reserved for future use. For example, you can set up the document types shown in this table for Brazil: For example, set up different purchase use codes when the Cotepw contribution rate for one group of individuals differs from another group. The rest of the acceptance statuses must be A.