Like Henry David Thoreau, Audrey Niffenegger seems to view time as but the stream in which her characters go a’fishing. Her enormously. Audrey Niffenegger makes the most of Highgate in a bewitching new novel, “Her Fearful Symmetry,” which proves that death (as one currently. Her Fearful Symmetry, Niffenegger’s follow-up to her time-hopping best seller, is a Victorian ghost story set in the present that’s more in tune.

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Could have been, but it wasn’t. Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger: It was so original. She is the weaker twin both physically and emotionally. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Elspeth and her sister Edie are identical twins. In her long-awaited second novel, Her Fearful SymmetryNiffenegger angles in time’s stream once again, fishing for meaning. It’s a story about transition, about love, about separation, about strength, about deciet, about abandonment. This book definitely got me thinking and I like it when a book does that – when it stays in my mind for a long time after I actually finished reading it.

The book I’m looking for is one that winds its way into your heart and soul, takes you deep into the characters’ lives and then squashes your heart, rips it from your chest and leaves it beating weakly on the table while you weep. The twins, first Elspeth and Edwina, and then Edwina’s twin daughters, Julia and Valentina, are highly inseparable.

I love Audrey Niffenegger’s writing style. I especially enjoyed the sub-plot of Martin and Marijke. On April Fool’s Day, Jack and Edie got drunk at a party and Jack slept with her and she became pregnant with the twins. Get your parents involved and have a long family chat.


The only part I liked toward the end was when Martin overcomes his OCD through taking drugs which one of the twins feeds him and goes to visit his estranged wife. Were any particularly memorable? It seemed that everyone needs something different from those around them. This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis.

It’s everything a good book should be. Nov 05, Malcolm rated it liked it. I don’t think there is a more fitting time of year for curling up with this novel – Chilly mornings, Damp afternoons, wrapped in a blanket watching the leaves change color and fall to the ground Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. At best, most of the characters were totally dysfunctional with the possible exception oddly enough of the man with OCD who lived in the flat upstairs, up above the American twins who come to London when their aunt Espeth dies and leaves them an apartment up above Robert who works as a volunteer at the adjoining Highgate Cemetery.

One of the things I loved about TTW is how the main characters felt like real, fleshed out people. I have never known any twins, so I can’t say how accurate Her Fearful Symmetry is on this topic.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

Her Fearful Symmetry First edition cover. I like what resulted from the decision – the ending is completely satisfactory in a morbid, tragic way – but I keep getting stuck on the absurdity. Finally when I discovered that it was going to be a ghost story, I almost gave up reading it.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger: Want to Read saving…. HFS has a nice gothic atmosphere, which reaches from the tone to the ghostly elements to the setting London’s Highgate Cemetery.

In particular, the title, which I puzzled over for the vast majority of the book, became completely clear in the end. Martin creates crossword puzzles and performs anthropological research but while he is blessed with intelligence and charm, he is afflicted with a severe case of OCD.


There are two love stories at the heart of this novel: My initial reaction was that I really disliked this book. Other than the Weasley boys in the Niffenegget Potter series, you never really see twins portrayed in a happy way.

Auddey something I enjoyed in The Time Traveler’s Wife, as well, and I just found myself turning page after page, no matter how slow the story might be going.

To view it, click here. It was an absolute and total train wreck.

Audrey Niffenegger on Her Ghostly New Novel

Or maybe we’re drawn to it and repelled by it at the same time. She sustains a mood, but it is vaguely repellent, rather than enjoyably disquieting.

More from the web. How far are you willing to go to keep your other half from finding some secret? But they weren’t strong enough to frighten us or make us care about the symmetry. I like the premise, but Niffenegger really lost me towards the end. A mid-career retrospective entitled “Awake in the Dream World: They are two entirely different kinds of stories.

Julia and Valentina are, externally, mirror-images; yet Julia is forceful and domineering, Valentina physically weaker, compliant, made more so by the fact of her heart and other organs being reversed.

And of course, I’d be more forgiving if I hadn Wow, disappointing! Gee, what this story needs is further complication.