Lucid key to Important Aphids. Preferred Scientific Name; Aulacorthum solani solani. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Metazoa; Phylum: Arthropoda. Light infestations of A. solani can severely injure potato foliage. Its feeding causes discoloured spots on tobacco, and heavily infested plants can show large .

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The siphunculi are straight and pale, 1. Trottin-Caudal and Millot have developed an integrated pest control programme for tomatoes as a protected crop glass and plastic houses.

Although Blackman does not list it for Arabidopsis, it does occur on other Brassicaceae and it is commonly found very early in the year since it overwinters as nymphs or apterae.

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foxglove aphid (Aulacorthum solani)

The clarified slide mounts below are of adult viviparous female Aulacorthum solani: Yellow, flowering weeds and any other host plants within and around the field should also be removed. Aulacorthum palustre Wax-banded daisy aphid Adult apterae of Aulacorthum palustre are whitish green, pale solahi or pinkish with black tips to the antennae and legs.

The cauda of Lipaphis is dark – yours is pale. Chemical Control In non-persistent transmission of viruses, aphids transmit viruses faster than common aphicides can react to kill the aulacotthum. The aphid also transmits other viruses, including Cucumber mosaic virus Contangelo et al.


The antennal tubercles are well developed with near parallel steep-sided inner face cf. Cookies on Plantwise Knowledge Aulacortgum Like most websites we use cookies. Articles with incomplete citations from September All articles with incomplete citations Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles lacking in-text citations from February All articles lacking in-text citations.

Gibson reported A. Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. The cauda is rather short and tongue-shaped.

Aulacorthum solani solani

Bermudez recommends setting up of field units for data collecting on aphid population in principal potato areas used for seed potato production. Retrieved from aulacorrthum https: Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Kibata describes an integrated control approach which has been successful in Kenya. One auoacorthum more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using.

AphID – Aulacorthum solani

Unusually solain an aphid, Aulacorthum solani can go through the sexual phase on many different plant species – but, in temperate climates, most of their population overwinters as nymphs or apteraeespecially on potato sprouts and on many glasshouse plants and wild species such as foxglove Digitalis.

Rasocha describes carbamates and pyrethroids used for aphid control. Its importance is much greater in glasshouses.

Aulacorthum solani can also be a vector of about 40 plant viruses, but its relatively poor virus transmission efficiency makes it unimportant as a virus vector in the field. Adams is tolerant to infection by Soybean dwarf virus SbDV in the field and exhibits antibiosis to A.


The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Fenthion and etofenprox were used by Okubo b during early stages of soyabean growth.

Genus Aulacorthum

Most do not host alternate and are monophagous with a sexual stage in their life cycle. Aphicides can greatly reduce Potato leafroll virus PLRV spread within a field, but they cannot control infections from outside by migrating aphids. Aphids on the world’s herbaceous plants and shrubs.

Indirect damage is caused by honeydew production and virus transmission. Aulacorthum solani has been recorded on at least 10 Solanum species. This is to ensure that we give so,ani the best experience possible. Belousov, ; Gillespie et al.

Mineral oil sprays are effective aulacorhhum reducing non-persistently transmitted viruses, but fail to prevent PLRV spread. Vols 1 and 2. The antennae of Lipaphis are uniformly dusky or dark except for basal part of the third antennal segment – yours has mainly pale antennae. Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. We have made provisional identifications from high resolution photos of living specimens, along with host plant identity.