Aztag Daily delivers news highlighting Armenia, the Armenian Diaspora, Lebanon, sports, culture, art, community, educational and entertainment and more. Aztag (daily) Aztag (Armenian: Ազդակ) is a daily newspaper and the official newspaper Aztag Arvesdi” (literary / cultural) The newspaper also runs an online s. The newspaper also runs an online service in Armenian and Arabic. YouTube Videos – Aztag (daily) and Related Articles [show more]. July Faves | Holy.

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The editor in chief is Shahan Kandaharian. Aztag was started in [1] and the first issue appeared on 5 March in BeirutLebanon. Also the following supplements of Aztag are published:. The newspaper also runs an online service in Armenian and Arabic. Aztag was started in [1] and the first issue appeared on 5 March in Beirut, Lebanon. Also the following supplements of Aztag are published: Retrieved 7 July Kevork Yazdjian, Lebanese-Armenian press inYerevan,47 p.

Aztag (daily)

The party is considered to have the biggest political support in the Lebanese Armenian community, and is part of the March 8 Alliance in Lebanon. Biography Early life Avedis Guidanian was born on 21 November He holds a degree in Physics from the Lebanese University.

He was chosen as the chairman of Zavarian Student Association of ARF and represented the party in the group of Lebanese parties as well as in numerous assemblies. He had participated in political parties’ international assemblies that were held in Kazakhstan and Cambodia. Sincehe has been the principal of Voice of Van. Inhe was Anahit or Anahid is goddess of fertility and healing, wisdom and water in Armenian mythology.

Anahit or Anahid may also refer to: It was established by Dikran and Lucy Tosbat,[1] as an independent non-partisan Armenian daily in stark contrast to the three other Lebanese Armenian dailies that were partisan and official party organs: Ayk also supported the political aspirations of Mr.

Tosbat for being elected for one of the Armenian parliamentary seats reserved for the Armenian Orthodox in the Lebanese Parliament.

Many well-known writers and literary figures contributed to the daily’s content including very notably the Lebanese-Armenian writer Shahantoukhd. Tosbat’s other publications Ayk’s founder Dikran Tosbat was already publishing since the Lebanese French-language The magazine was founded with Garo Sassouni as executive editor, and editors were Yetvart Boyajian and Boghos Snabian.

Pakin publishes works mainly of Armenian diaspora writers in addition to some writings from Armenia, in addition to a section of reports on culture, newly published works in Armenian or other languages, literary criticism. Pakin is published with various frequencies, as monthly, bi-monthly and presently quarterly. It is considered one of the main literary publications in Western Armenian. Its longest-running editor in chief was writer Boghos Snabian from to [1] when writer Hagop Balian took over the responsibility.

Bourj Hammoud or Burj Hammud Arabic: The town is heavily populated by Armenians. Bourj Hammoud is a mixed residential, industrial and commercial area and is one of the most densely populated districts in the Middle East. InBourj Hammoud became an independent municipality and is currently a member of the Metn-North group of municipalities. David Barsamian born is an Armenian-American radio broadcaster, writer, and the founder and director of Alternative Radio, a Boulder, Colorado-based syndicated weekly public affairs program heard on some radio stations worldwide.

Barsamian also lectures on U.

Aztag (daily) – WikiVisually

InDavid Barsamian took the initiative to do more than critique the media. Frustrated by corporate media’s lack of progressive, radical voices, he founded Alternative Radio. Now aired on more than radio stations, Barsamian’s journalism is well-respected arou Brought about azrag an invasion from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which routed the Khmer Rouge armies, it had Vietnam and the Soviet Union as its main allies.


The Cambodian seat at the United Nations was held by the Coalition Government of Noline Kampuchea, which was the Khmer Rouge in coalition with two non-communist guerrilla factions. However, the PRK was considered the de facto government of Cambodia between andalbeit with limited international recognition. The Bourj Hammoud Massacre was a bloody armed robbery that took place in a jewellery shop in the Bourj Hammoud quarter, Lebanon, in Five people dqily their lives; the three perpetrators were arrested by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces and sentenced to death but succeeded in escaping from prison and have since vanished without trace.

An international warrant is out for their arrest. The criminals gunned down in cold blood the five people present in the shop and made off with jewelry to an estimated value of 20 million Lebanese pounds. Paul Artin Boghossian ; born is an American philosopher. He is Silver professor of philosophy at New York University, where dailt was Chair of the Department for ten years — In addition to his current position at NYU, he was a professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor from untiland has also been a visiting professor at Princeton University.

The following table is the list of urban areas with the largest Armenian population outside the Republic of Azta and the Republic of Artsakh, in what is commonly called the Armenian diaspora. Nowadays it constitutes a minor party, and as of December was represented in two national parliaments with 7 seats in the National Assembly of Artsakh and three seats in the Parliament of Lebanon[24][25] as part of the March 8 alliance.

The ARF has traditionally advocated democratic socialism[9][26] and is a full member of the Socialist International sincewhich it had originally joined in The Armenians in Syria are Syrian citizens of either full or partial Armenian descent.

Syria and the surrounding areas have often served as a refuge for Armenians who fled from wars and persecutions such as the Armenian Genocide. According to the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, the estimated number of Armenians in Syria is , with more than 60, of them centralized in Aleppo.

With other estimates by Armenian foundations in Syria putting the number aroundOf these displaced persons, 13, remained and found dzily in Armenia as of July The government is offering several protection options including simplified naturalization by Armenian descent 15, persons acquired Armenian citizenshipaccelerated asylum procedures and facilitated short, mid and long-term aztaf permits. She was the former executive director of the Armenian Relief Society in the Western United States from to and is currently the senior administrator.

Joseph University in Beirut where she studied Armenology. Barack Obama in Cambodia. Bilateral relations between the United States and the Kingdom of Cambodia, while strained throughout the Cold War, have strengthened considerably in modern times. Armenian Newspapers are published in the Republic of Armenia and in the Armenian diaspora where there are concentrations of Armenians.

Usually the newspapers are in Armenian language, but many of the Armenian diaspora newspapers will usually have supplements or sections in the national language of the country where the newspaper onlone published. Onlime is widely regarded as the founder of the First Republic of Armenia.


He rose to prominence there as a community organizer. During the first months of World War I he worked with local Ottoman officials to de-escalate rising tensions until mid-Aprilwhen Turkish forces laid siege to the city. He led the successful Armenian civilian self-defense of Van.

As a result, tens of thousands avoided being deported and massacred by the Turkish government while the Armenian Genocide was underway. Following the Russian Revolution a The Latakia offensive was a rebel offensive in the Latakia Governorate of Syria launched on 21 March by rebel Islamist groups including Al-Nusra Front, which called the offensive “Anfal”,[1] while a coalition of Supreme Military Council rebel groups called the offensive “The Martyrs Mothers”.

The Armenians in Lebanon Armenian: There has been an Armenian presence in Lebanon for centuries. Prior to the Lebanese Civil War, the number was higher, but the community lost a portion of its population to emigration.

Prior toBeirut was a thriving center of Armenian culture with varied media production,[2] which was exported to the Armenian diaspora. History Armenians first established contact with Lebanon when Tigranes the Great conquered Phoenicia from the Seleucids and made it part of his short-lived Armenian Empire.

When the Roman Empire established its rule over both Armenia and ancient Lebanon, some Roman troops of Armenian origin went there in order to accomplish their duties as Romans. After Armenia converted to Christianity inArmenian pilg Mouradian was the editor of the Armenian Weekly from He is the recipient the Gulbenkian Armenian Studies research fellowship to study the Armenian community in China in the 20th century [3].

Mouradian has lectured and participated in Gizli Ermeniler or crypto-Armenians Armenian: Kripto Ermeniler [1] is an “umbrella term to describe Turkish people of full or partial ethnic Armenian origin who generally conceal their Armenian identity from wider Turkish society. Map of the Armenian Quarter, without the area considered by Israel as part of the Jewish Quarter centre right. The monastery Patriarchate compound is shown in grey.

The Cathedral of St. James is shown in darker grey. The Armenian Quarter Arabic: It occupies an area of 0. Init had a population of 2, 6. In both criteria, it is comparable to the Jewish Quarter. The Armenian presence in Jerusalem dates back to the 4th century AD, when Armenia adopted Christianity as a national re Gregorio Pietro XV Agagianian anglicized: Gregory Peter;[2] Western Armenian: He was the head of the Armenian Catholic Church as Patriarch of Cilicia from to and supervised the Catholic Church’s missionary work for more than a decade, until his retirement in He was considered papabile on two occasions.

Educated in Tiflis and Rome, Agagianian first served as leader of the Armenian Catholic community of Tiflis before the Bolshevik takeover of the Caucasus in He then moved to Rome, where he first taught and then headed the Pontifical Armenian College until when he was elected to lead the Armenian Catholic Church, which he revitalized after major losses the church had experienced during the Armenian Genocide.

He was Prefect of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Fa The Middle East and North Africa Aztag daily topic Aztag Armenian: Member feedback about Aztag daily: