The Framework Agreement between the Philippine government and the the Bangsamoro that will replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim. This paper explores the use of exemplars in news media to frame the Bangsamoro framework agreement. Exemplars are single examples used. Maffi as her friends call, manages the digital media platforms of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. She is bossy – not.

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Road map for peace: Highlights of the Bangsamoro framework agreement

ArabicEnglishFilipino. A Fiscal Policy Board and an intergovernmental sustainable development body shall be created to serve as mechanisms for partnership with the central government. Member profiles of the government panel for frmework with the MILF. The draft law shall be submitted to Congress for deliberation.

Bangsamoro government Elections for the new Bangsamoro government will be held in Assuming the law is passed and the plebiscite is bangsa,oro, then the MILF must seek an elected mandate from the people. From day one of his leadership he seized the peace, forged and hammered it and polished it to its sterling radiance.

The Framework Agreement states: It is our abiding hope that the agreement gives them a homeland again. The framework agreement does not commit any of the parties to work for charter change. Aquino stated that structural reform is necessary, with the creation of Bangsamoro solving these issues while upholding national sovereignty.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Armed Forces of the Philippines.

While the Transition Commission is being organized, the negotiating panels will continue to work on the annexes on power-sharing, wealth-sharing, normalization and transitional mechanisms that are aimed to be finished within this year. The Transition Authority shall prepare for the transformation of the region into the Bangsamoro. The Tripoli Agreement.

The 2012 Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro

Highlights of the Bangsamoro framework agreement Published Ateneo de Manila University. Then the communities involved must approve it by plebiscite. Liberal Party of the Philippines. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat Common market and global trade, provided that the power to enter into economic agreements already allowed under Republic Act No. A Mindanao finally free from strife, where people achieve their fullest potential. Fourth, while the MOA-AD [] was written in such a way that the government could have acted without a plebiscite.

Gramework, the agreement has been done in full transparency, as noted by its publication online prior to its signing.

Framewrk person in this room never gave up hope. Thousands fled in search of safety. Through it, and among many other things, you may access the following:. The MILF shall gradually decommission its armed forces, and transfer law enforcement to a civilian police force that will be accountable both to the central and Bangsamoro governments.


However, it was stopped by the Supreme Court on August 4, by virtue of a temporary retraining order. This did not happen for lack of funds. The Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Road map for peace: Highlights of the Bangsamoro framework agreement | News | GMA News Online

The Constitution also states that whatever government is in the autonomous region, it shall always be under the supervision of the President.

Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines.

So many challenges await us, but the bridge of trust banhsamoro spans this room is strong enough to withstand the trials ahead, however difficult they may be. The commission shall draft the Bangsamoro Basic Law, including proposals to amend the Philippine Constitution if necessary.

This gives the community the choice to opt out of the Bangsamoro. The agreement was sealed at about Coinage and monetary policy e.