Her other works include Bible and Sword, The Proud Tower, Stilwell and the American Experience in China (for which Tuchman was awarded a second Pulitzer. Bible and Sword [Barbara W. Tuchman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Historical look at England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to . From Barbara W. Tuchman, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Guns of August, comes history through a wide-angle lens: a fascinating chronicle of Britain’s.

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Economic interests kept Britain entangled in Palestinian affairs even during periods like the 18th century when religious fervor waned, and gave England a major incentive to keep the region under their thumb after World War I, even as a Bibpe protectorate instead of a full-on colony.

It is a great place to start however.

Bible and Sword by Tuchman, Barbara W

What scrutiny applies to the Jewish canon certainly applies to the Gospels and the Quran in equal measure not only due to fairness but also for the simple fact that these later scriptures are based on the Jewish canon. Rather than being a history of Zionism, this book is more of a panoramic history of the British intellectual debate over the idea of of Jewish state in Palestine; which is how you get a massive chapter on the history of the crusades and exactly no chapters on preth century Jewish intellectuals.

All human history, and just about everything else as well, consists of a never-ending struggle against ignorance. View all 16 comments. Apparently it was to protect their trade routes I had always heard of the Balfour declaration and the Palestine Mandate but didn’t understand what they were, and this book clarifies that.

Apr 14, Evan Leach rated it really liked it Shelves: Tuchman By Barbara W. After which he started struggling for the return of the Jews.


Social mores at the end of WWII.

Bible and Sword : England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour

Unfortunately, this book largely misses the exodus, the fall of the Roman empire in Palestine, the Byzantine empire, Mohommad’s conquest of Jerusalem, the Ummayads, the tuhman of the Mamluks and the Ottomans. Religion It is easy to forget, or at least fail to appreciate, the overwhelming importance of the church in the daily life of Europeans for most of the Middle Ages. One might just as well say that Socrates is father of modern Biology because in one of the dialogues Plato mentions birds.

I learned about all the legends of England and Joseph of Arimathea, and other apostles perhaps visiting England. I read The Guns of August and decided to read the author’s other books as well.

Summary Discuss Reviews 0 Barbara W.

As always, Tuchman’s narrative prose is pleasant and her methodology is a bit problematic. We are experiencing technical difficulties. If you’re more interested in a general understanding with a little more entertainment, this may not be the book for you.

Jul 07, Spectre rated it it was amazing Shelves: One should keep this in mind whenever one reads the history of that nation and empire. Please try again later. Read it Forward Read it first. British tried to disown the Declaration later but it was too late.

Stamp to top page ends. This is a very uncommon edition of this book. Nice looking book, has minor edge wear. In addition to the disappointment one often feels for old favorites revisited, there was also the fact that I am now embarked on my own book about Jerusalem and Israel. S N Books Ltd Condition: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nov 21, Briapedia rated it really liked it Shelves: My dream, and like all dreams it is based on impossibilities, is that one day there will be no nationalities and consequently no need for racism — if I thought there was anything I could bring that day closer, I would do it with pride.


Oct 01, Bob Lamothe rated it liked it.

Basement Seller Published: In her forward, she said she ended the book in more distant decades because as she came nearer to her own time, the topic of Israel and Biblw made her too angry to handle as a proper historian. As always, Tuchman is simply brilliant. It all started much before the Zionist Movement.

The writer had me right from the preface when she explained why she finished this book at the Balfour declaration 2nd of November and the British mandate and left out the subsequent turbulent history that had evolved before this book was published in Middle Eastern World History Category: I had heard of the Balfour Declaration and I knew, vaguely, that it had something to do with clearing the way for the founding of Israel, but I didn’t know the Declaration’s date, which was aroundmuch earlier than I had thought.

Tuchman chose to end the narrative with Balfour also insulates the book to some degree from the current fashions of conventional wisdom. In the West we like to think that we are somewhat better than the other peoples of the world. Jul 13, Swrod Buy. Tuchman has a knack for writing readable, incisive, and swors history. As someone born in Ireland and now living in Australia — I find the whole question of Nationality and Patriotism deeply troubling and beware of understatement quite problematic.

I have read her many essays on Israel itself and her admiration for the Israeli people shows through.