The result―the newest species of mammal known to science, the olinguito ( Bassaricyon neblina) (Photo by Mark Gurney). The olinguito. Genus: Bassaricyon Species: Bassaricyon neblina Taxonomic revision of the olingos (Bassaricyon), with description of a new species, the. Genus, Bassaricyon. Species, Bassaricyon neblina. Taxon author, Kristofer M. Helgen, Roland Kays, Lauren Helgen, Mirian T. N. Tsuchiya.

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The olinguito Bassaricyon neblina came close to being discovered several times during the past century and was even exhibited in zoos.

Olinguito – Wikipedia

There were even several occasions during the past century when the olinguito came close to being discovered but was not. Hose’s palm civet D. Olinguitos live in trees and are mostly nocturnal.

Family Canidae includes dogs. Because the olinguito was new to science, it was imperative for the scientists to record every aspect of the animal. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. As of bassaricyon, no strict efforts are known to be in place in order to reduce habitat destruction. Mediterranean monk seal M.


The researchers who identified the species were unable to discover any local names specific to it. Ailurus Red panda A.

Its head and body length is 14 inches long Helgen KM et al. South American coati N. New Salamander Species Discovered. Steller sea lion E.

They learned that the Olinguito is mostly active at bassaicyon, is mainly a fruit eater, rarely comes out of the trees and has one baby at a time. New Zealand sea lion P.

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Western mountain coati N. These solitary animals live in trees and are mostly nocturnal. Central African oyan P. Prionodon Banded linsang P.

Bassaricyon neblina – # | American Society of Mammalogists

Australian sea lion N. Extant species of family Procyonidae. The species name neblina is Spanish for fog or mist, referring to the cloud forest habitat bassarixyon the olinguito. The species was described as new in Top 10 New Species of “. A team of Smithsonian scientists, however, uncovered overlooked museum specimens of this remarkable animal, which took them on a journey from museum cabinets in Chicago to cloud forests in South America to genetics labs in Washington, D.


This is a beautiful animal, but we know so little about it. Does the olinguito still exist in the wild? Archived from the original on 16 August The olinguito is distinct from the other species within the genuspopularly known as ” olingos “, and also from the kinkajou kinkajous resemble olingos, but are not closely related. Giving the olinguito its scientific name is just the beginning.