hielt an::stopped wackelnd::waggling Bescheinigung::bill Totenbett::deathbed .. erreichen::manage Beisitzer::observer Freilaufkupplung::overrunning clutch sich beschattet::shades Spanier::Spanish Belastungsgrenze::maximum load . Dienstverhältnis/Q Dienstvertrag/STp Dienstvorgesetzten Dienstvorschrift/P Dienstwagen/S Dienstweg/EPT Dienstwohnung. This is part of a German medical form called “Bescheinigung zum Erreichen der Belastungsgrenze bei Feststellung einer schwerwiegenden chronischen.

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Prevention is becoming increasingly important in our society.


We offer approved primary prevention belastunysgrenze, carried out bescheimigung qualified, experienced experts, at selected locations. You will see how to implement what you have learned in your everyday life and work.

We cover the cost of the course. As the Active Week is counted as two courses — due to its compact structure and volume of services — your use of preventive benefits is exhausted for the year, and BKK cannot pay any more allowances for prevention courses.

No other Active Weeks with the same focus area can be taken the year after your Active Week. Within the scope of medical care provided by panel doctors, BKK bescheiniging covers acupuncture with needles without electrical stimulation for chronic pain in the lower back or chronic pain in the knee joint caused by gonarthrosis that has existed for at least six months.

The earliest that treatment can be carried out again is after twelve bescheinigunv. We provide extensive support to couples that want to have children. There may be numerous medical reasons for a woman being unable to become pregnant the natural way.

In such cases, artificial belwstungsgrenze may be the only route to pregnancy. This is checked and approved by our staff. Couples that cannot have children naturally are entitled to reimbursement of costs by statutory health insurance if.

In the case of artificial insemination, BKK PwC covers 50 percent of the cost for the insured spouse that is listed and billable under the approved treatment plan, in accordance with the statutory regulation.

The couple must raise the rest themselves as a co-payment. Reimbursement takes place following submission of the invoice and is limited to up to three attempts. This additional benefit applies for treatment since April belastuungsgrenze, Unsere Gesundheitsexperten sind Ihnen auch bei der Terminfindung behilflich. Wir wissen, wie beunruhigend die lange Wartezeit auf eine geplante Untersuchung oder Behandlung sein kann.

Unser Versicherungsschutz reicht bis ins Ausland. Bitte fordern Sie sich in diesem Fall einen Auslandskrankenschein bei uns an. Sie erreichen uns kostenfrei unter der Telefonnummer oder per eMail an info bkk-pwc. Bitte vergessen Sie nicht, uns das Urlaubsland und alle mitreisenden Familienmitglieder anzugeben. If you attend check-ups, live beelastungsgrenze healthy lifestyle and keep fit, you will receive a bonus. You are all familiar with check-ups U1 to U9 and J1. With each of these examinations, the pediatrician checks whether your child is developing belastungsgenze they should for their age and documents the results in the yellow check-up booklet.

This system is comprehensive and good. However, there are some areas in which we see additional services as important for you and your child. Two additional check-ups close the loophole between kindergarten and puberty. The additional check-ups are free of charge, and your participation is voluntary.


Declare your desire to participate directly to your pediatrician or a specially qualified family doctor. Our Disease Management Program DMP is a systematic treatment program for those suffering from a chronic illness, oriented around knowledge from evidence-based medicine. We regularly issue reports to ensure quality.

Current DMP quality assurance reports in german. Unable to run your home due to a stay in hospital, pregnancy, childbirth or acute illness?

We can provide you with support in the form of domestic assistance. One prerequisite for this is that another person living in the household cannot assume your duties. The scope of the service is determined by your individual circumstances, i. Domestic assistance may be provided by a spouse, relative, friend, or contractual partner welfare center or similar.

Policyholders aged 18 and over make an additional contribution of 10 percent to the daily costs minimum 5 euros, maximum 10 euros. Please contact us in advance, so that we can check all of the prerequisites and identify your individual needs. Krankenhausbehandlung und bei Rettungsfahrten zum Krankenhaus.

Lebensjahr umfassende Vorsorgeuntersuchungen von Zahn,- Mund- und Kieferkrankheiten. Wir erhalten automatisch einen Hinweis. Gern beraten wir Sie auch telefonisch. Rufen Sie uns kostenfrei unter an! For this reason, we offer our policyholders many additional health screenings in addition to the standard benefits.

Cancer screening annual for women aged 20 and over – This cancer screening for women, offered from the age of 20, involves an annual gynecological examination. Additional check-ups annual for women aged 20 and over over – Within the scope of cancer screening, your gynecologist will generally always offer additional examinations that cannot be settled using your Electronic Health Card. Simply send us the original copy of the invoice from your gynecologist and give us your bank details!

This benefit applies retroactively since March 1, Cancer screening annual for men aged 45 and over – This cancer screening for men, offered from the age of 45, involves an annual examination of the prostate and external genitalia.

hausärztliche Versichertenpauschale

The PSA test aims to achieve early detection of prostate cancer and facilitate early treatment to prevent death from the illness.

Simply send us the original copy of the invoice from your doctor and give us your bank details!

Windeln ist die Zuzahlung erreichen 10 Euro im Monat begrenzt. In place of hospital treatment, you may receive home healthcare — provided by suitable nursing staff e. It is particularly suitable as an alternative:.

Home healthcare is prescribed by the doctor and is checked and approved by us in advance. BKK contracts ensure that you benefit from modern, scientifically recognized treatment methods. These include cost-intensive procedures such as heart belastunysgrenze or organ transplants. We cover the cost of medical treatment, surgery, nursing, medication, accommodation and catering. You are essentially free to choose between licensed hospitals.

However, the center must be belastungsgrezne for the treatment and provide the care within a cost-effective scope. A variety of search options allow you to filter the search results. Alongside prenatal care, antenatal classes, postnatal exercise, midwife assistance and on-call service, medical care, drugs, remedies and drreichen of childbirth in a hospital are all fully covered.

Women that are employed receive up to 13 euros of maternal pay per calendar day beelastungsgrenze the protected period. The protected period begins 6 weeks before childbirth and ends 8 weeks in the case of premature births and multiple births, 12 weeks after childbirth. If claiming unemployment benefits, women that are not employed but are entitled to sickness benefits will receive maternal pay in the amount of the unemployment benefits from BKK during the protected period.


You also get the best possible care during the final phase of your pregnancy. The midwife must be licensed as a healthcare provider as per the German Social Security Code SGB and a contract must be concluded between the policyholder and the midwife, stating that the midwife shall be available 24 hours a day and immediately ready to provide several hours of birthing assistance.

Please submit this contract bescheiniguny us for approval before commencement of the on-call service. BKK PwC covers costs arising from a midwife being on-call xum the final three months of the pregnancy. The costs actually incurred are reimbursed up to an amount of EUR per pregnancy. Send us the original copy of the invoice from your midwife and give us your bank details! This applies for benefits provided since April 1, We also provide you with support when it comes to alternative treatment methods.

BKK PwC subsidizes osteopathic treatment if this is intended to identify or cure an illness, prevent it from becoming worse, or relieve complaints. The erfeichen, amounting to 50 euros per treatment, is provided for four treatments each calendar year.

The osteopathic treatment must be prescribed by a doctor in advance. The subsidy, amounting to 50 euros per treatment is provided for for four treatments each calendar belastubgsgrenze. The maximum subsidy per calendar year is euros. This benefit zm for treatment since April 1, Ist Ihnen Ihre Gesundheit wichtig? Voraussetzung ist, dass Sie an mind.

Klicken Sie bitte hier. The minimum course length is eight units of 45 minutes and the maximum is twelve units of 90 minutes. The course should take place weekly. A maximum of two courses are reimbursed for each policyholder per calendar year. Link to the database of prevention courses. Providers of health courses that are not yet listed can register at www. Professional tooth cleaning PTC is not included in the range of services for statutory health insurance providers.

Wir beraten Sie gern. Being beschinigung to have surgery and have medical questions?

Alle Leistungen der BKK | BKK PricewaterhouseCoopers

BKK PwC is offering a new service, which is free of charge for you: You now have the opportunity to seek a second medical opinion from independent specialists before undergoing surgical procedures or other complex treatment. You can have your clinical records checked by independent specialists in the form of a second assessment. This takes place within just a few days. The procedure is simple:.

The experts at Medexo will analyze your documents and provide a recommendation — generally within seven working days — as to whether the treatment intended by the first attending physician is medically the best choice or whether alternative methods would be likely to be more successful.