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David Meyer reveals how he conquered Brussels — by bike.

Every morning I would pass a woman heading in the other direction, wobbly and uncertain on her brand new bicycls bike, helmet firmly fastened, reflective vests and lights all over, a look of terror in her eyes as if she was being forced to swing dance in a mine field.

I realized in watching her, just how intimidating biking in Brussels can be.

Cycling in Brussels – Expat Guide to Belgium | Expatica

But trust me, it can be done! Bikes are allowed in both directions on almost any street in Brussels.

Studies have shown that there is no increase in accidents on these kinds of roads. Otherwise, cyclists are obliged to follow the same rules as cars: Bikes cannot ride on the sidewalks. Where there is a designated bike path, bikes are obliged to use it — though if it is shared with pedestrians, pedestrians have the right of way. The best way to find your own cycling routes is to take a look at the Brussels cycling map, available for sale in a waterproof hardcopy or for free download see Useful information section below.

The map shows the contours of hills and also codes the streets of the city in terms of their openness for bikes. If there is one basic rule of bike security in Brussels it is this: Still, splurge on the lock.

Any bike shop should be able to tell you which locks are the best, and it is well worth the investment — forty euros on a lock is cheaper than two hundred euros on a new bike.


The Brussels region also offers a service of bike engraving. This can be done for free at any bike event or on specific days at your local commune and police station, or for one euro at the Pro Velo offices in Brussels. This technique engraves your national identity number indelibly onto the frame of the bike with the goal of deterring theft and helping to restore recovered bikes to their owners. And please do report it!

Cycle route map towards and in the city centre of Brussels – Brussels Forum

As of now, bike theft is not a major priority for the Brussels police, and this has a lot to do with the statistics on bike theft being cyclinv Too many people just shrug it off and go to Gare du Midi to get a new bike.

Mao reporting theft, you can help make the roads safer for all the other bikes rolling around Brussels now. Riding a bike in Brussels is generally quite safe. The leading cause of accidents?

Drivers opening a car door into a passing cyclist. And of course, cyclists can protect themselves.

Reflective vests and lights, for instance, can make a big difference, particularly when riding at night though most accidents occur during the day. In a majority of accidents, the study found, cyclists were not wearing reflective vests. Helmets are another important element of safety. Bells are important too. Gracq and ProVelo, two non-profit organizations working to promote cycling in Belgium, offer classes on bike safety.

For kids, they even offer classes on biking in traffic with parents acting as sympathetic drivers. There is also Bikepooling www. The best step for cycling safety though? Getting more cyclists on the road! The more cyclists there are, the safer the environment becomes. The best thing you can do for yourself, for your cycling loved ones, and for future cyclists then is to get on that bike!

There are some last words we should say on the subject of biking in Brussels — cyclist to cyclist now.


Bicycling and Walking in Virginia

Brussels has, you may have noticed… Hills. Once you make it up a hill once, you always make it up.

Oh, and the woman I used to see every morning? I saw her again the other day, three years later. She had a new messenger-style cycling bag, and the eye of the tiger; she had conquered Brussels. Want to learn more about biking in Belgium? Maybe you jrisnet to rent a folding bike for a week and try biking to work before cgcling decide to buy your own? Or maybe you just want to learn more about the environmental benefits of cycling?

Here are some great places to start and of course, there is more on the bike section of the Sunbeams website!

Thematic maps of Brussels | Geo

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