Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories has ratings and 74 reviews. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ said: Review (just for the title story) first posted on Fanta. Bisson has described “Bears Discover Fire” as being about exactly what the title says. This is not true. The narrator, his brother and his nephew suffer a flat tyre. Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories [Terry Bisson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection .

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This is the best story in the collection.

Bears Discover Fire

I don’t know what it is about short story collections, I guess liberals say “I’ve only got a couple of paragraphs to prove I’m an extreme Social Justice Warrior” and so you end up disxover dialog like this in a story about the earth having dangerous UV levels: You have until tomorrow night.

It was nominated for a Nebula the year after “Bears” won it; I think it deserved it more.

But whereas we were meant to look at Aesop’s animals and laugh at their failings while realising that we share them, Bisson’s bears are in fact on a spiritual plane which may or may not be higher than ours, but is certainly better.

Not eating, but just watching the fire, my mother sat among them with the bedspread from the Home around her shoulders. Another scientist said the bears were attracted by fure berries on a new bush that grew only in the medians of the interstates.

Though the plots and backdrops of his stories range from the fantastic to the straight up bizarre, Bisson has a skill for crafting believable, down to earth characters, avoiding the pitfall many science fiction and fantasy short story writers fall into of making the characters involved almost incidental to the gimmick.


Say, 4 stars goo At the beginning of the year I read the “Bears Discover Fire” in “The scret history of Fantasy” and decided that sooner or later I’d have to read more by the same author.

Like “Over Flat Mountain” in that it is built around an absurd geological anomaly, but this time it’s sweet and thoughtful, like “George”.

In one a bunch of famous authors move to this small town and nothing else happens and another is just a pointless conversation about an alien race made out of meat. But there are some great short stories in the collection and it is definitely worth! The fire was banked up and the bears were gone and someone was crashing straight through the woods, ignoring the path. Instead of replacing the hubcap, I put it in there too. December by Carrie Vaughn Interview: I found it pleasant to sit and stare into the fire.

I like how he worldbuilds. For example, the title story is just what it sounds likewhat would play out if bears discovered fire.

Sometimes death will do that, especially at dawn, with the police around and the grass wet, even when it comes as a friend. Median wood has a silvery cast, like driftwood. Maybe they were watching from the newberry bushes as Wallace Jr. It looked like there may have been more bears behind them, in the trees. The narrator clearly feels that if the bears did it, they had a right to do so: Want to Read saving….

I reached under the car and let the jack down and pulled it out. After we put her in, I put my arms around the boy.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

It was about gone. The Kaslo Chronicles Series: Crossing the shoulder, I got my pants cuffs wet on the long grass, already wet with dew. I would have to keep paying for her care until she was officially listed as Missing, which would be Monday. On average, I am going to go 3 stars on this collection but I do think that there are some really good to excellent stories 4 and 5 stars in here.

Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories by Terry Bisson

There was a musty, but not really unpleasant smell. May 08, LilliBlakk rated it it was amazing. Plus there were the football trips. Some are just plain crazy failed experiments, but a few are gems.

Just kind of bland. She pointed up toward the canopy of trees, where a light was spreading, and then pointed to herself.

Wallace was the first to speak. We were in my car.

The first few feet into the trees it was pitch black and the boy grabbed my hand. Women Destroy Science Didcover Here in western Kentucky, though, it was still warm for late October and they only stayed around the fires at night. I most definitely read this one wrong.

I would recommend this collection to anyone who is looking to get out of their comfort zone. George In which a new father is encouraged by a doctor and a bisson to have his baby boy’s wings surgically removed.