GM Andras Adorjan tells of the origins of his thesis — Black is OK. 84 Some Novelties 86 More Novelties 1 03 Lajos Portisch: BLACK IS OK if s(he) finds the right lines! 1 09 Statistics on Andras Adorjan’s Games 1 14 No Dogmas . Has anybody here ever read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is OK” (late 80s), “Black is Still Ok” (early ‘s), “Black is OK Forever” (), and his.

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Open Adorja See a Problem? Those who deny it are liars or saints. All they can hope for is that the other team makes a mistake, or runs out of attacking time – but what they have is play at one goal!

GrandMaster Square >>> Black is OK from GM Andras Adorjan

In a sharp position, however, where both players fight hard for the initiative, attack, or counterattack, colours are of no importance.

Who isn’t shackled by dogmas, beliefs, reflexes, routine? I was far from being as good a son as my poor mother liked to think. It is all very nice that in my own practice playing with BLACK was rather a bliss than a burden, and that my results seem to support my thesis.

The statistics of these tournaments concerning wins and losses with BLACK and white is also interesting.

One of them is usually a game collection – either a tournament, that of a player, or general game analysis not pertaining to any specific middlegame or endgame theme. Somehow it was not his cup of tea. Naturally, a lot depends on how one lays the foundation of the game. I am not understanding from your post if you liked or disliked that book. It depends on where the sun shines from, or which way the wind blows. If it requires reading of the first 3 to make this one useful, guess I’ll just forget about it as with the first three out of print, it can be pricey trying to find them.


Then I took to jotting down the theoretical subjects in okk I’d ever had an original idea most of them had already been successfully tried in practice, I even had followers in some cases, including top players on slips of paper.

Positional Play Grandmaster Preparation: That is, what are ook supposed to do? Kick-off and the right to launch the first attack are not as important as this. Those speaking about the death of chess, and computers, and the information boom, and all that jazz, are parroting half-truths.

So I didn’t have to force myself to take pen in hand, and grasp it even stronger than before. Shall we accept a drab, meaningless existence where animalistic? Black Is Still OK!

Black Is Still OK!

I have never been into denying or manipulating facts, but let me remind you that heavy objects had been moved about long before the wheel was invented. Opening variations in theory books and game annotations usually end with BLACK equalising all of a sudden. It may be six, eight, even ten moves. Stevev marked it as to-read Dec 05, Been looking at the following as potential resources – clearly don’t have the time to cover all White Black Makes no difference 2.

To be satisfied with anything less than that would be cowardly and sinful! Is it more of a rewrite of the first 3 combined, where if you sdorjan the first three, this one shouldn’t be bought? I must tell you an anecdote: I didn’t get too adrojan for a while.

Most chess sacrifices are aimed at gaining superiority at a certain part of the board most often in the vicinity of the king.

It doesn’t prove that the vaccine can be used expansively, only that this particular guy didn’t die. The right to move first, however, is an obligation at the same time.


So, for example, aside from the Quality Chess Puzzle Book, right now, I’m reading the following 4 books:. Refresh and try again. Just give it a thought: We may get all kinds of answers, especially from those not involved in chess, but qualified players will mostly come up with the same reply as a great number of world champions or chess thinkers since Lasker: But what about the people who do not like playing the openings recommended by me?

There are a lot in any case, and there are very few goals compared to this number. So I skip down further, and see that 1.

We can all remember cases – even from our own practice – when this right became a sad necessity, or zugzwang. Those who have already had a trauma like this know more or less what I went through; for others I should say something about this kind of experience. Lists with This Book. Those who play this game at a high level including my humble self know very well that there are some basic principles of the game, e.

Anybody read Andras Adorjan’s “Black is …” books?

We are all like Tolstoy’s Ivan Ilyich: I have the impression that White has the better score everywhere. I presume – in the spirit of the presumption of innocence – that the position is equal.

I’ve put opening books on the back burner for at least the rest of and adorjaan ofand just trying to figure out the best study plan. Not too bad, is it: Take a simple pawn ending: