A #1 New York Times bestseller from the fantasy author who is legend herself: TAMORA PIERCE. In this second book in the Beka Cooper Trilogy, Beka uses her. Bloodhound is book two in the Provost’s Dog trilogy. A sequel to Terrier, Bloodhound continues the tale of Rebakah Cooper. By now she has finished her . Bloodhound. Book Two in Beka Cooper: A Tortall Legend. Beka Cooper, the heroine of Terrier, is no longer a Puppy. She’s a Dog now—a full-fledged member.

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I missed Rosto and his prickly friendship with Beka, the way they stretch and counter each other. Apr 19, Sophie rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m eager to go back and re-read the whole trilogy with the ending in mind, and see if it holds up.

I love Corus and the Lower City, puerce a little switch of scenery is always appreciated. She learns how to handle her adorable scent hound, Achoo, and she learns about Port Caynn, obviously.

Retrieved from ” http: The economic crisis in this book is caused by forgers — colemongers, in her inimitable idiom — rather than hotshot MBAs and back room financiers, but the general aura of panic piedce financial woe was dead on.

I knew it was iperce a bit in the first two novels, but Mastiff more than made up for it in the end. Beka and her mentor, Clary Goodwin, are chosen to go undercover in Port Bloodound and find out what they can. Also, can the news go away this week? Anyone who turns a hand against an animal is worse than crap! Their acquaintance with Dale and Hanse—both of whom they met at the Bread Riot—helps them with getting accustomed to the nightlife in Port Caynn and introducing them to all the popular places.

Dec 29, Hannah marked it as hamora Shelves: Very much, in fact. I wish the conflict he’d settled amongst the stars had been elaborated upon; while I realize that Pounce is rather tight-lipped on that subject, as it is, it seems as though that was simply a plot device to get him out of the way.


Through use of a gift, flattery and an amusing tale degrading Sir Lionel, Beka is able to convince Pearl to let her stay for now.

Bloodhound (Beka Cooper, #2) by Tamora Pierce

More like the, I did enjoy this book, though it was somewhat disappointing. The final twist was both unexpected and in my opinion, out of character for both the character and the writer. Also, by giving in to Dale, Beka’s strong and moral character is weakened. Bloodhound is one long hunt to resolve the issue of coles being filtered into the money stream, which are raising the prices of food and causing civil panic.

Not up to her usual standards. It bloovhound so pointless. The fact that he used embroidery and household magic to do completely badass things was delightful, and the symbolism wasn’t lost on me. Bloodhound relies too much on the knowledge you gleaned from the first book for it to be enjoyed purely of its own accord.

And if pierrce succeeds, neither the kingdom—nor Beka—will ever be the same. It was hard to understand how Beka could have ever been in that relationship to begin with.

But then she learns the truth about her mission. And the Farmer issue Maybe I am just growing old and boring and hard-hearted, and I don’t have the unquenchable nostalgia for Pierce’s more recent books the way I do for the Lioness bloodhhound Immortals quartets.


Tunstall never mentioned wanting to marry at all, or that he was dissatisfied that much with the nature of his relationship with Sabine. And I don’t feel this b was quite as character-driven as it could have been. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Goodwin was really good at it, but Beka? The ending felt really rushed, the book as a whole was kinda choppy.

Mastiff (Beka Cooper, #3) by Tamora Pierce

Feeling betrayed by a book. The middle band is a silver foil graphic with Beka in her Dog’s uniform, dangling a set of shackles, and her body facing out over a range of snowy mountains but with her face and Pounce’s turned back to look at us. The protagonist, Beka Cooper, is the medieval version of an inner city cop.


Tassilo was one of the guards who protected the young prince. So now, picking it up again? But I got this book in December, and even from the first entry I was skeptical. I’m going to miss Beka Cooper and I’m kind of sad her story is ending, but I thought this was a fitting conclusion. Girl could probably be an amazing actress peirce she wanted. The Tamorz could have been great with just ordinary characters, but Tamora Pierce gave us extraordinary ones. I loved that she’d brought the magic back.

The most notable her new dog, Achoo. There are some sterling action sequences in Bloodhound, making me feel like I was actually part of the riots and chases and also making me feel that poor Beka must have had some terrible hand cramps after her long stretches of diary and report writing!

The character at the end of this book is not the same character we’ve loved for pages. I understand ‘honeylove’ but not ‘bardash’.

I kind of suspected as much -it being a Pierce book. Oct 31, Libby rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thus Beka sets off after her, helped by her scent hound Achoo, pursuing her through the sewers. Apr 29, Jenn rated it it was ok.

He takes out both of the lboodhound mages AND Dolsa at the same time, which is bonkers. Bloodhound came out on April 14, in the United States as a hardback copy.

I’m thinking that the Gentle Mother religion took hold somehow. A 1 New Blpodhound Times bestseller from the fantasy author who is legend herself: Beka Cooper’s series connects to the other Tortall books in that she is the six-times great-grandmother of George Cooper from Alanna: