Abstract A week study was conducted to evaluate the productive performance of Bovans White laying hens fed high-nutrient-density diets under Egyptian. Body weight males (g). Average feed consumption. BOVANS WHITE PARENT STOCK. Age in weeks. BOVANS WHITECOMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT GUIDE INTRODUCTION Many years of genetic research have developed layers with excellent production.

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Our world class breeding program ensure that parent stock clients can expect exceptional fertility and high quality chicks.

It’s simple, we want egg producers and their birds to succeed, no matter the circumstances. In addition to the effect of heat stress on whitd feed intake of chickens, protein digestibility can also be reduced Bonnet et al.

Bastos Egg Fair Location: Lysine ratio on egg production parameters and egg yield in Hy-Line W hens. The Bovans Brown has excellent feed intake capacity and robustness so that it fully expresses genetic potential in multi-age and free range environments.

Bovans – Bovans White

IsmailHayam M. It was interesting to note that though DFI of hens was not affected by the experimental diets, hens fed the HND4 diet consumed insignificantly less feed than those of the other experimental groups. The beneficial effect of feeding the high nutrient density diets on egg weight, percent albumen, shell thickness, yolk index and Haugh units, observed bovnas this whtie, is in accordance with the findings of Marie et al.

A week study was conducted to evaluate the productive performance of Bovans White laying hens fed high-nutrient-density diets under Egyptian summer conditions.

Growth performance of Japanese quail as affected by dietary protein level and enzyme supplementation.


The lower activity of SOD coincided with higher concentrations of GSH, MDA and triglycerides in plasma of hens fed the HND3 and HND4 diets might be an indication to enhanced lipid peroxidation by reactive oxygen species due to lower activity of the antioxidant enzymatic activity in bpvans plasma of laying hens.

We are proud to offer Bovans at the parent stock level. Two hundred Bovans White laying hens 44 weeks old were bovajs divided into five equal dietary treatments, each with five replications.

Effect of different concentrations of metabolisable energy and protein on performance of White Leghorn layers in a tropical climate. Samples of experimental diets and dried droppings were chemically analyzed according to the official methods of analysis AOAC. However, Panda et al. Productive performance of laying hens: They found that egg production was not affected by dietary energy or nutrient density but hens fed the high-energy and high-nutrient-density diets had significantly less daily feed intake than those fed the low-energy and low-nutrient-density diets throughout the experimental period.

The cages are placed in an open-sided laying house, supplied with an artificial light to provide a daily photoperiod of 16 h. In partial agreement with the present results, Awad et al.

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Nutrient Requirements of Poultry. So, the reduced feed intake of hens fed the HND4 diet might be attributed to the increased nutrient density of the diet rather than to the effect of heat stress per se.

With broiler breeder hens, Enting et al. Data on the effect of feeding high-nutrient-density diets on egg quality parameters of laying hens fed high-nutrient-density diets are introduced in Table 3. Each 3 kg of premix contained: Composition wyite chemical analyses of these experimental diets are illustrated in Table 1.


The reduction in egg production and egg weight is primarily due to reduced feed intake, resulting from exposure to high environmental temperatures. Feeding the high nutrient density diets exerted no positive effect on productive performance of hens, digestibility of nutrients dry matterorganic mattercrude proteinether extract, crude fiber, nitrogen-free extract and ash retentionsome egg bvoans traits and most blood parameters examined but positively affected weight change, percent albumen, shell thickness, yolk index and Haugh units.

Influence of energy level and glycine supplementation on performance, nutrient digestibility and egg quality in laying hens. Two hundred hens were randomly assigned to five equal dietary treatments, five replications each.

The high similarity in DFI of hens fed the control, HND1, Bovas and HND3 diets is an indication that the ambient temperatures, prevailed under the conditions of this study, were not too severe to adversely affect feed intake of hens. The team from Hendrix Genetics can be found at booth whitw, to answer any of your questions.

Bovans White

Boavns statistical processing of data was performed via one-way analysis of variance using the Statistical Analysis System SAS. Sign up to stay in touch. In addition, Novak et al.

Recently, De Persio et al. Connect with us If you are ready to take your business to the next level or are already one of the many satisfied customers looking for technical services get in touch with us today.

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