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Become bestowers at this time and every soul in your kingdom will remain full for every birth.

Malayalam Murali – BRAHMA KUMARIS Kerala

Plz send daily murli in Hindi in my email id Like Like. Therefore, study with discipline. Whatever you receive is fine. They circle around two to four times, and then, if it is in their fortune, they stay.

Daily Murlis – Brahma Kumaris

They were wealthy and the masters of the world, but no one knows how long it has been since their kingdom was established. This portal is intended for use by regular students of Brahma Kumaris.

You yourselves will say: You now have to do something new. So why should you have attachment to thorns? Why do you beat your kymaris so much with that?

Churn knowledge and keep yourselves happy. Click here to read — Hindi Murli. Media Type Audio Video Files. Therefore, they themselves would also have been so wealthy. They have portrayed deities emerging from the ocean with platefuls of jewels.

Then, you are also karma yogis. Omshanti… Brother me ek shant swavaov ke larka hu bt me apne lokik ghar me sab bahut presan rahte hai bt aap mujhe bataye ki muje ky karna chahiye omshanti thaink you … Like Like.


Do you want to kill us? No matter what adverse situation arises, no matter if a soul comes in front of you to settle karmic accounts, even if any suffering of karma through the body continues to come in front of you, remain free from any limited desires, for this is the bodiless stage.

Therefore, check whether you maintain all relationships brauma whether you enter into bondage. To be able to transform the suffering of karma with your stage of karma yoga is the karmateet stage. This is why you built the temple to Somnath. The Father tells you the true Gita and makes you into Lakshmi and Narayan.

Wasteful thoughts are the subtle strings of some bondage of karma. Remain distant from the five vices. There is an account. The stomach only asks for one or two chapattis. The complete murlis are not distributed through e-mails because of various reasons They thought that the land would become fertile.

Until someone becomes mrli, he cannot reach the highest stage. Some have one type of burden and others have another type of burden. If path is change please tell me the path where I can download 1to 15 the June days murli. Under this license you are free to copy, distribute and transmit the work under the following conditions, 1 You must attribute the work to this website but not in a way that braham that any Daioy Kumaris organisation endorses you or your use of the work2 You may not alter, transform or build upon this work without explicit permission obtained by contacting this web site.

So, always remember the account of a zero.

It has been so many years since the avyakt part vrahma. Daily Meditation is equally important as studies, as meditation helps cleanse and murlo the mind which in turn helps one to clearly understand Baba’s most elevated and invaluable teachings. Your knowledge is completely incognito. So, you instantly reply: I have now come to serve you children. Do not be influenced by any desire for some perishable fruit of karma.


To those who are always free from bondage by having all relationships with One, to those who experience the karmateet stage, to those who always know the importance of the point and become great, to those who constantly receive the blessings of good wishes and pure feelings of contentment from all souls, to those who give such blessings to everyone, to those who always consider themselves to be detached observers and perform every action as instruments, to those who constantly experience such unique spiritual pleasure, to those who live lives of constant pleasure, to those who end all burdens, to such constantly fortunate souls, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Bestower of Fortune.

He didn’t go himself, but he just used his discus. You should talk among yourselves in this way. This is the drama. The Father too is pleased. Very good temples are still built.

Malayalam Murali

Please mujhe roj baba ki murli chahia. Keep Updated We would like to know about you and keep you updated. You then have to remember the Father.

Therefore, remain constantly filled with pure and positive thoughts for the self and for others and make everyone loving and co-operative. It is remembered that this is a forest of thorns. However, that Ganges does not hear them. Yesterday you too had ignorance, whereas today you have knowledge.