Support for both variants of DIN letter layout Draft .. DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. das in der DIN Norm (Entwurf Mai ) festgelegte Layout um. Der Betreff . DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. \disabledraftstandard Der Brief wird entsprechend den Vorschriften der Norm DIN vom Dezember auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben.

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Dazu ist die Definition des Macros zum Einbinden der Unterschrift wie folgt anzupassen: Briefboyen Sie so freundlich w”aren, Ihre Alka-Seltzer Sammlung f”ur unser Projekt zu stiften, w”urde ich Ihnen gerne Vorabdrucke aller zuk”unftigen Forschungsberichte zur Verf”ugung stellen, die wir “uber dieses kritische Problem ver”offentlichen.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version

Here is a table of all variables, and a mark if they are local, global or both. Ferner werden die Grenzen der vorliegenden Version aufgezeigt und es wird auf bekannte Fehler hingewiesen. STY in text format, as of December 16,by D. RG rule position changed. Definition eines Briefkopfs 16 dij. Normally, labels are printed on special paper, but some printers are able to print on envelopes.


It is preset with a negative value shifting the letter head up as much as possible leaving a small distance to the upper paper bound. KB Page offsets corrected. Check for nested letter envs changed. We further use the different states to change the behavior of some API macros. In this document class we use a simpler macro, in which the footnote text is set like an ordinary text paragraph, with no indentation except on the first line of a paragraph, and the first line of the footnote.

Formeln, Tabellen und beliebige Listen verwendet werden. Bridfbogen aktiviert das Ausdrucken von Adress-Etiketten.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version |

This code is originated by Rainer Sengerling. Rumpf eines Serienbriefes 18 3.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. To avoid this problem you can specify the twoside briwfbogen. Therefore we define some styles for printing labels on envelops: First we switch to a special pagestyle. No features of are currently used.

All these macros should typeset boxes. KB Changed first page to use pagestyle firstpage.

All dimens starting with ltf XXX hold values for the first page and all dimens starting with lts XXX hold values for the second and follwing pages. Footnotes are numbered within chapters in the report and book document styles. For desk printer output this is usually the real paper size since there is no post-processing. RG Labels got some styles.


This may also be true also for NFSS1. Otherwise the third argument is executed. Some of them can be redefined by the user, others are bound to the class definition.

Ihre Bem”uhungen im voraus vielen Dank. The value is choosen as difference of positions as specified by the DIN Norm and the values used in earlier versions of this class.

An example of hriefbogen can be achieved is given by the following piece of TEX code. Thanks to Heiko Oberdiek for this suggestion.

Die beiden Broefbogen sind zur besseren Unterscheidung in Abbildung 2 wiedergegeben. This code may not complete yet! Code copied from letter class. Argument two is the argument of the control sequence given in the first argument.