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The reference displayed corresponds to the three last digits of the Briot reference for the micro-switch es.

Briot Accura Calibration Manual

Note on the Safety bevel function: The partial counter is resetting. Push back the stylus aaccura from right wedge. OMA Network Connector 8 Mount the chucks and the centring nose piece scanform contained in the accessory box. Step 1 Action Drill the bench as follows.

Briot Accura Color Lens Edger Users Manual |

ON Fct1 3 Disconnect the main water supply pipe edger side and connect the dump pipe to the main drain bucket, sink, sewer, etc. If not, turn the gear in order to get to this situation.


For a good function of the machine, the maximum water supply pressure must be between 4 and 7 bar.

Switch off the machine. You can select the acura types: The Z axis menu is displayed. The contact can be checked thanks to the symbol indicated above. Display mtr12 To test the display, proceed as follows.

Lens fitting without frame bending Expert single groove: If the stylus tip selection does not match what is effectively in the scanner, the frame tracing can give strange and unpredictable not wished results. Landing position, radius polishing rim.

Briot Accura Calibration Manual

Opening of the visor. Finishing Rimless Mineral 2. All data combinations are accepted by Rimless, Polishing, Safety-bevel, Grooving the computer: IV Interface by Icons Configuration cfg According to the type of machine, the following screen comes up.

The machine performs one movement and lists the Rods values. The Rods menu is displayed. Polishing Rimless Check if the tool is well landing in the bottom of the bevel. Lens edging from a job on the screen already edged. Shall we finish the lens?

IF the safety bevel is not present on one or both sides of the lens too thin on one or both sides of the lens THEN select the line s confirmed with key andIncrease the safety bevel depth on the concerned side s of the lens aid acvura the key.


Procedure Follow the steps below to retouch a lens after edging.

Allow to lighten the screen contrast. Switch off the machine. To set the calibration test, proceed as follows: Bottom line by default Top line Medium line average of the top and bottom axis error A Off to disable the function. Change the OMA Configuration?

Briot Accura Color Lens Edger Users Manual

The landing position values come up as follows. Diagram Screwdriver 7 Result: The icon comes up. To set the interface by icons, proceed as follows: Hold the edged lens while pressing and holding the key of the keypad or the one located at left of the edging station to open the right side shaft.