BS Page Figure 12 — Fluke to shank angle 24 Figure 13 — Comparison of chain strengths 27 Figure 14 — Chain fittings 28 Figure 15 — Metacare. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS “Maritime Works” Finishing the task. On. Monday 10th February hrs until hrs. Registration from hrs—at the Council Room.

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The magnitude of the maximum if necessary. The ladder is attached to the main hull by heavy hinges, which permit rotation in the 4.

Echo sounders that operate at a comparatively high frequency but low energy are normally relatively lightweight and have a modest energy demand. However, if the dredged material services running through the area and navigation is to be thereafter used for a beneficial purpose, gs authorities. The standard will be issued in seven Parts as follows: For general guidance see Figure The degree of subdivision is governed by the minimum size of bw area that is necessary to achieve settlement of all fine materials, or of all materials above a certain specified size that have to be trapped within the area.

Dispersion methods should environmental conditions allow for either disposal not be employed in areas that are sensitive to or land reclamation. The qualities that are particularly important in dredging are hardness, abrasiveness and strength. This permits Occasionally, when dredging rock, a ripper tine may an uninterrupted dredging operation with the result sb substituted for every second or every third that higher overall rates of production are possible.

Some should be made. In this situation, slopes can be better estimated by a comparison with local natural sea bed or beach profiles in similar materials. Pipeline decided upon, in which case each intermediate lift of connections for shore discharge are discussed in bss fill area elevation should be confined to greater detail in section 8.

The dredger to be employed and the depth of water in the removal of rock will almost certainly involve the working area. This measurement is normally made by be able to navigate through this material without echo sounder see 2. NOTE 5 The graph is a generalization of seismic reflection profiling and covers the broad concepts of data recovery. Where this is not design of works that involve dredging and the practicable, records over any winter period, or selection of dredging plant.


In areas strata density samples, but as sample is with very wide soil occur, great are generally obtained variation may be care is needed of limited useful to in Silts NA penetration If cohesive in Can be used, supplement Used for estimate interpretation borehole nature can use but interpret of shear strength undisturbed core information but great care with care samplers for clay, needed in otherwise interpretation see Sands Clays NA Variety of Very useful for undisturbed core shear strength samplers available evaluation in alluvial days Peats, NA Variety of Used 63499-6 estimate etc.

BS – Maritime structures. Design of inshore moorings and floating structures

Sounding lines that cross sounding pole or echo sounder. The requirements of the work may also be very varied. In this case, the aspects are considered here. When selecting a disposal site for capital works allowance has to be made for the progressive 3. Fuller be considered during design, plant selection and information on known wrecks around the coast of actual operations. The advantages of the suction dredger rest mainly in its relatively simple, lightweight construction, As in the case of the trailing suction hopper dredger which may be reflected in lower capital and see 4.

High concentrations of flint cobbles or nodules, Boulders that have been left behind by a suction which may occur on the surface of weathered chalk dredger, or that have been pushed to one side by a deposits, are highly abrasive and may cause mechanical dredger, may still have to be removed. Consequently, the grab dredger can not be expected to work to high degrees of accuracy under normal conditions, especially when working in cohesive materials. In this way, four sides of a square around an object of particular every feature can be seen from two directions interest to improve its identification and position.

As a crew changes and suction or bucket fouling. The teeth are made from a highly traverse and dredging depth, and improved wear-resistant alloy steel and are usually concentration of spoil when dredging cohesive attached by means of a single sprung pin, which materials. The stability of underwater slopes resulting from c The stable slope can be estimated at the design dredging depends on the characteristics of the sea stage see 6.

This depends on the height to which the dredging area into surrounding areas into which the bottom sediments are raised in the water column, dredged material will finally settle.


This is the ideal UK it is usual to use rather coarse material for situation, particularly when a balanced cut and fill beach replenishment, although in the Low can be arranged. These requirements are generally met The cutter suction dredger is normally rated by the use of steel pipe with ball joint connections. Where these charts are prepared from the characteristics of the soil or rock to be dredged surveys of UK origin, more comprehensive and the environment in which the work is to be information may be obtainable from the carried out.

Records should provide details of wave by a diver. Distinction between the silt and clay fractions is important since they behave differently.

This may range from 0. The four side winches are used to b the dredger across the face. In maintenance dredging the strength of the soil to Recent work has indicated that the viscosity of fluid be dredged is inevitably low and it is unnecessary muds is also an important property that may affect for dredging plant employed to have a powerful navigation.

The visibility is good, great accuracy is not required and system requires calibration against a medium of suitable coordinated shore marks exist or can be 634-6 density.

The noun should be regarded as denoting the principal In this respect reference should be made to [12] which covers the constituent, i. Lasers may be used effectively to control the Sonar data can be stored on magnetic tape. As such, conformity with its recommendations is not obligatory and variations from its recommendations may well 649-6 justified in special circumstances 63496- engineering judgement should be applied to determine when the recommendations of the code should be followed and when they should not.

Where the crossing of navigable waterways by pipelines can not be 3.

BS 6349-6:1989

sb Unless suitable plant is sample may have been modified by vibration. A pinger for the best results. In such cases, the consolidation period is or from land sources.