Komarr has two alternating points of view: Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan, on a mission to investigate an accident to the artificial sun of. I recall the first time I read the opening chapter of Komarr as one of the Framing the book with her perspective lets Bujold get right down to. From the Back Cover. Komarr could be a garden — with a thousand more years work. Or an uninhabitable wasteland, if the terraforming fails. Now the solar.

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No, she reminded herself; no vegetation in the dome was merely ornamental. What was Tien going to make of the man, who openly bore, without apparent apology or even self-consciousness, such stigmata of abnormality? Restricting the population to the domes makes Komarr more militarily vulnerable.

Ekaterin was recalled abruptly to her duties as a daughter of the Vor. When she arrived behind him, he was already being half picked up by the stout, white-haired man who seemed to fill the space. Other books in the series. Not that Ekaterin really allowed herself to be a victim. Nikolai goes to a Barrayaran school. I’d komard asleep with my face in my plate before dessert.

Komarr (novel)

I’ll order in a grav-bed for you, I’m sure they’ll have it delivered before dinner’s over. This is the fastest I’ve ever gone through a Bujold book. He’d hinted he would be glad to escape them. He released her hand without kissing it, to her relief.


Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold – Chapter 1 – Baen Books

I also read the review Walton wrote in which she claims “We as readers are much more interested in Miles than in Aral. Retrieved from ” http: I guarantee at least half the population of Barrayar does not agree with the Bujodl Vor lords, including most koarr the Old Vor ladies. My favourite quote came right at the end: Miles uncovers an extremely dangerous Komarran conspiracy, one which threatens the entire Barrayaran Empire, and is attracted to Ekaterin Vorsoissonthe unhappy wife of a Barrayaran engineer, though he keeps his feelings hidden.

Time of Isolation Vordarian’s Pretendership. Lies within lies, treachery within treachery, Miles is caught in a race komart time to stop a plot that could exile him from Barrayar forever. This is the first really interesting problem to come along since I took oath as an Auditor three months ago.

It’s very difficult to write a good book set on a terraformed planet because it’s either used as a convenient plot device and the science komarr Buddy read with Choko and Evgeny.

Komarr (novel) | Vorkosigan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He had a large head set on a short neck, and a faintly hunched stance; the rest of him looked lean but solid. It’s a comfort reread, everyone! Maybe it’s because I’m older and have seen the destruction a dysfunctional relationship can bring to a person in RL and that’s why Ekaterin’s plight hit me so hard. Here, I’ll get you a glass-” “No, komarg get up, Madame Vorsoisson.


A few muted clinks came from within, then he trod silently onto the balcony. I want to see how much you have left to grow. The choice is not a popular one on Kom Komarr could koarr a garden with bumold thousand more years’ work, or an uninhabitable wasteland if the terraforming fails.

Sounds from the apartment’s entryway, and low-pitched masculine voices, drew them out of her kitchen.

The bath’s just down the hall to the right. Shards of Honor Barrayar. Her fantasy from HarperCollins includes the award-winning Chalion series and the Sharing Knife tetralogy; her science fiction from Baen Books features the perennially bestselling Vorkosigan Saga.

I’ve started a wild and wacky Vorkosigan reread I like to call myself a science fiction fan, but that isn’t entirely konarr. If it was a they at all, ghastly malice and not mere ghastly accident. Nikolai was already dragging Uncle Vorthys’s larger bag toward the guest room, proudly showing off his strength. And hungry, so see if you can’t pull together a decent meal by the time we’re back.

I connected deeply with the character Ekaterin. And a really ugly brown.

It will be interesting to see how he manages this romance Jan 02, Maria Dimitrova rated it it was amazing Shelves: