Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal, Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inside track to India’s most powerful tycoons The. Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr Gita Piramal is managing editor of The Smart Manager, India’s first world-class management magazine, launched in.

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Sip a cup of tea, drive to work, listen to music, build a house and the chances are that in these and a myriad other ways you are using products that they manufacture or market. It is such ordinary steps that build magnificent edifices people wonder at.

Anil Ambani was at Delhi airport, waiting for a delayed flight to take him back to Bombay in time for the crucial board meeting the next day, and didn’t hear of V.

People like Vijay Shah were very flamboyant, while Ram Prasad Goenka was reclusive to the point of not even divulging the names of books he was reading so as not to present business opportunity for others to gauge his personality! Some say Ambani is an acronym for ambition and money. Some industrialists-Rahul Bajaj, the scooter manufacturer, for example-shared Ambani’s world vision, but lacked the latter’s knack or clout of making bureaucrats listen.

Ambani knew mahxrajas could pirsmal a great plant but pitched against him were the heavyweights of Indian industry: What has sustained this single-minded commitment?

How were they chosen? Dhirubhai boldly infringed on the turf of politicians and bureaucrats, saying, ‘1 consider myself a pathfinder. It’s a big chawl with families staying in it. Sunday was an important day.

Mahatma Gandhi referred to Rahul’s grandfather as his fifth son; Rahul’s father was a Congress member of Parliament. Consumer acceptance is necessary but then trade must help too. Piramal and they have two daughters, Aparna and Radhika.

It changed its accounting practice.


In his climb to the top of the corporate ladder, Dhirubhai had already absorbed and adopted the two key strategies of self-reliance and speed. This was an alien concept, an idea Ambani picked up from the West. Let’s be very clear about it.

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If we can’t take care of our shareholders and employees and start worrying about the world, then that is hypocrisy. After setting up our plant, their business with India has grown-they’ve sold technology, to five joint sector projects.

Both Reliance and Bajaj Auto are lean and owner-driven corporations, yet in terms of character, style, background — every parameter that mahaarjas couldn’t be two more dissimilar chairmen than Dhirubhai Ambani and Rahul Bajaj.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. So on December 31,1 landed in Bombay to start my own business with a few thousand rupees. Surely their lives and achievements are quite as extraordinary as those of Ratan Tata or Aditya Birla? Most were big names in the synthetics business. The free fall had been engineered by a Calcutta-based bear syndicate led by a Marwari industrialist, perhaps a member of the powerful Birla clan. I’m here at the office as I used to be, doing my hard day’s labour.

The Calcutta-based Telegraph picked up the scent first and in September broke the news that eight of the eleven companies were not even in existence in the UK when the investments were made and that the registrations took place a day after Mukherjee’s statement in Parliament. According to Anal, “If we sked somebody to buy a maharauas shares, he would back out nd buy ten instead.

Ambani wanted to raise one third of that ai one go. Natwarlal had already walked out a few years earlier.

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Joseph rated it liked it Nov 13, I could never do a normal job. It was then believed that amongst those whose opinion counted in the selection process were Veerendra Patil, the then petroleum minister, and Pranab Mukherjee, who headed finance.


Over time, he integrated sideways into LAB linear alkyl benzene, used by detergent manufacturersinto thermoplastics such as PVC poly vinyl chlorideHDPE high density pieamalLDPE low density polyethylene, used by plastics processorsand then worked his way backwards through intermediates such as MEG mono ethylene glycolpara xylene and n-paraffin, to’ the basic raw material, ethylene and ultimately the source of petrochemicals, oil.

So did forty-three others. There is no Jat difference between our methods and those of anybody bu else— the only difference is that our motivation and dedication he is much greater.

When he smiles, it’s a cheek- splitting ear-to-ear grin. Singh refused to meet any industrialists privately and Mukesh was photographed sitting at one of Singh’s open house sessions like any other businessman. He would use this set of four values over and over to drive Reliance’s spectacular growth. Also in finance was an old Aden hand, Indu Sheth, who had been a clerk like Dhirubhai in an export house, lndu’s brother, M.

Business Maharajas (Penguin business)

In implementing the PFY project, Ambani adopted two other co-related strategies: We assess the requirement precisely. How could an astrument which was initially sold as non-convertible, which ras priced differently and offered different rates of interest, be ut in the same category as convertible debentures?

If you lose, come back to us. And this was the steady appreciation of their shareholding. Before Dhirubhai, most Indian plants were pigmy-sized, partly because of their promoters’ blinkered horizon. However, all eight partly owe their remarkable success to two external factors, two elements totally outside their control, and completely unconnected to their personal abilities.

The last one was opened barely a couple of hours before the government announced the changed policy.