Simply put, The Build Your Own Clone (BYOC) Large Beaver is by far the best and most versatile Big Muff clone on the market today. There’s some debate about. Here is what I am wondering: I am looking to build the BYOC (build your own clone) Large Beaver Triangle Muff kit, but I am curious if this kit of. My first build was the original BYOC muff clone. . The Large Beaver is a cool pedal (and I have both the Triangle and the Ram’s Head)- I.

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I am looking to build the BYOC build your own clone Large Beaver Triangle Muff kit, but I am curious if this kit of components is thought to be of good quality or it would be better to buy nicer components with tighter tolerances for an overall more polished finished product. Has anyone done this?

Join the HC Newsletter. I love lagge scooped tone on the Triangle I would buy the kit- then get a set of matched transistors from small bear- its exactly what i would do. Is there anyone who could post a picture of the finished beavef the internals, I mean, of course?

Jul 14, 9. I’ve built several BYOC kits- I’ve always found the instructions clear and easy to follow I don’t know how any of the electronics work, but I can tell the difference between the resistors and the capacitors etc larg the finished pedals are always worth the effort.


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Help FAQs Go to top. It’s a little tamer is that a word? Spooky ActionJul 14, You can try other trannies byc you like and they will plug right in without mods needed if you socket them. Sign Up Now to receive our occasional Store Newsletter. Jul 14, 8.

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BYOC Large Beaver Improvements?

beaved The BM isn’t a beast – good – but not beastly. It’s a monster on the tone bypass setting! The best part of the builds is the tech-support you can get on their site. Yep, so I hear Jul 14, 1. Has anyone here tried swapping different transistors into these BYOC large beavers? Originally Posted by christianatl Everybody stop hurting dap99’s balls. DoctorSpockJul 14, And You Shall Receive Inc. View the Media Kit. I have a triangle BYOC muff and agree with this, it’s very scoopy on the stock setting.

I’m crap at wiring – usually because I can see the end of the project and I start to rush it. I think I’m gonna go with the beaver I think they’re good quality. It was really bexver of the better muffs I have ever tried even today. ladge


Thanks for all the feedback and opinions. The only challenge I’ve had was the wiring.

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You can choose the type of enclosure in the dropdown box below. BYOC components are equal of any pedal builder’s. They are all Super-creative People that are fun and easy to deal with!

I built mine to triangle specs. Jul 14, 7. The trannies are silicon and don’t need to be “matched”. The Tone Wicker gives it some versatility tone-wise, but the Beaver just has more options.

I suppose I could contact BYOC directly but initially I wanted to know if others have sourced their own better quality resistors, transistors, etc. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel.

So is it even the transistors that really matter or is it the clipping diodes? Auditory Driving likes this. Clark GriswoIdJul 14,