Canon Timer Remote Controller TCN3 compared to the Canon Remote Switch . Note that I usually use and recommend manual focus while using a remote. View and Download Canon TCN3 user manual online. Timer remote controller. TCN3 Camera Accessories pdf manual download. Hi Is it possible to download a pdf version of the instruction manual for the Canon TCN3 Timer Remote Controller? If so a link would be.

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Please share this page! The basic reason for using a remote release is to release the camera shutter without causing movement or vibration to the camera. Read our full opt-out policy here. If you continue to use this site we will assume that canob are happy with it.

With Canon Speedlites that have the Save Energy SE feature, the flash will automatically recycle one minute before the exposure.

Setting the time or number of exposures to 0 will cancel the respective mode. Interval Timer Mode 1. The interval timer allows pictures to be continuously captured with the set amount of delay between them — from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Refer to the Combinations Chart for more details. Please enter a valid e-mail address.


Long Exposure Mode 1. When you are shooting with electronic flash the time interval you set must be longer than the flash recycle time. If this basic functionality is all mamual need from a remote release and you camera does not support the awesome little Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Releasethe less expensive Canon Remote Switch RSN3 is the more affordable option for you. Canon’s DSLRs unfortunately allow specified exposure time lengths of ccanon up to 30 seconds. Press the Jog Dial to register the number of exposures.


The shutter will release when the timer reaches zero 0.

Yes, This document is helpful No, This document needs a clearer explanation. If you set the counter to 00, the number of exposures will limited only by the amount of film or memory card space available.

The retailers I recommend below are the ones I trust for my own purchases. Please enable javascript in cxnon browser in order to get form work properly.

Canon TC-80N3 Time-lapse video tutorial.

Please provide your comments. When tc-0n3 flash with the interval timer, be sure to allow enough time for the flash es to adequately charge between shutter releases.

Interval Timer Mode continued 3. January 8, You can also capture Manua, images using this feature in conjunction with the camera’s exposure bracketing feature. Touching the silver collar will prevent the plug from locking. During a long exposure that is controlled by the TCN3, however, the release button will be inoperable.


Pressing it halfway activates your camera’s autofocus and exposure meter.

Press the Mode Button to select the Exposure Count mode. Where you buy your gear matters. Not as obvious and a user interface design error in my opinion is that, manuaal depressed for at least 3 seconds, the Display Illumination button invokes a “hold” mode.

The exposure will start, the icon will blink and the exposure time rc-80n3 begin to count down. We will send the download to your inbox. To release the button, slide it back to its original position. The uses covered by the TCN3 functions and combinations of functions are huge.

QuickGuide to Canon TC-80N3 Timer/Remote Controller

Thus, I depend solely on the commissions received from you using the links on this site to make any purchase. Once an amount has been registered the exposure count display will no longer blink. Set the camera to bulb mode when using this feature.

This tutorial covers the basics nicely. Time amounts can be set in single digit increments, up to: Canon TCN3 Time-lapse video tutorial.