Dust jacket and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter Subterranean Press is proud to present an exclusive hardcover of Charles Stross’ Hugo award-winning. Welcome to the Stasis, the clandestine, near-omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross’s Hugo Award-winning novella, Palimpsest. Palimpsest. by Charles Stross. from Wireless (). Hugo Novella Winner Tags: Science Fiction, Hugo Winner, Novella.

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Gramps he shied from the memory would have died rather than wear this face. You can refuse, of course. Why is there no tipjar?

Tell me you knew about it! Enjoyed it a lot and hope it does well for you in the Hugo voting. What I do know is that so far your career has been notably mundane. He was beginning to itch furiously, and the lack of gravity seemed to be making him nauseous.

She was very beautiful, and he was utterly mortified. But they never give up. She reached over his chest and hugged him tight.

Scholar Yarrow asked me to, to intercede. Half of it is memory diamond. Our species is legion. Pierce stared for a while. Jan 11, Clyde rated it it was amazing Shelves: They came to a clearing and instead of taking the track to the reading room, Torque took a different path. The new Reseeding was twelve thousand years old; civilization had taken root again, spreading around the planet with the efflorescent enthusiasm of a parasitic vine. Open Preview See palimpsrst Problem? Meanwhile, the shoals strooss momentum-transfer bodies are thinning, their simple design replaced by numerous perversions of form and purpose.

Hugo Award for Best Novella. Earth is a chilly srross enigma inhabited only by primitive purple bacteria, its vast oceans churned by hundred-meter tides dragged up every seven-hour day by a young moon that completes each orbit in little more than twenty-four hours. A pair of seats appeared on xharles dais, facing him: Her eyes sparkled with amusement. Her gaze lingered on him a moment too long, as if she sensed his inattention: But the process is inexorable.


Those warriors —Wei raised his spear again, as if saluting the raiders— require slaves and womenfolk and a hierarchy to function. We have left their history intact and untouched, that we might remember our origins and study them as a warning; some of you in this cohort have been recruited from that era. The spherical drone floating before his face wore her face on ccharles smartskin.

Speculiction Review of Palimpsest by Charles Stross

papimpsest She responded by making him shudder. Palimpsest is the story of Pierce, an agent-to-be in the Stasis. But it is when fully recovered that things with the Stasis begin to fall apart. There were plants everywhere, green and damp-smelling cycads and ferns and crawling, climbing vines. The voice was still muffled by the remains of his hood, but he could place it now. Pierce tightened his grip on his spear, moving his index finger closer to the trigger discreetly printed on it.

And there are administrative errors. vharles

Be seated, Agent Pierce. Play your cards right and … well, maybe.

Palimpsest – Charlie’s Diary

Is that all you can see? And when they collapsed, the Stasis looted their Alexandrian archives, binged on stolen data and vomited it back up at the far end of time.

It was foolish in the extreme, he knew, but for some combination of tiny interlocking reasons he found her unaccountably exciting. The glassy slabs of an airlock slid aside and closed behind him, thrice in rapid succession.



Every five seconds throughout eternity a listener slot opens for a millisecond, and anything of interest is sent forward to Control. The sun it circles, a sullen-faced ruddy ogre, is nearing the end of its hydrogen reserves. I thought that was why we were here? He determined to give it his all.

Because that seems unlikely to me. Proprio come i paradossi dei viaggi nel tempo consentono di riscrivere la storia. In short, time travel as Stross portrays it in Palimpsest is the ultimate chaotic vector. This superb story deserves much more space and time so to speak.

This is a rollicking novella, full of interesting ideas and mind-bending time travel and it’s well worth your time. I had a really challenging time keeping track of timelines and light cones, so I can see where some people would probably not be int Yikes!

Each brown dwarf burns for many times the age of the universe at the birth of humanity; black holes are nothing if not efficient. Shuttles move among them like ants amidst an aphid farm, harvesting and storing their largesse as they swing out to Jupiter before dropping back in toward Mercury.

The loud ones had already died, along with the lame. There was no unhistory in the Branch Libraries I used, he said tonelessly. Hidden glands were waiting beneath a patina of simulated brass, ready to envenomate the palm of an unwary intruder.

Banners rippled in the weak onshore breeze; paper skull-lanterns with mirror-polished eyes to repel evil spirits bounced gaudily beneath the eaves as he entered the inn.