One of Brooks’s big arguments in The Well Wrought Urn is that you can’t summarize (or paraphrase) a poem and retain its meaning. The poem says something. From ig35 to ig48 Cleanth Brooks was co-editor of The South- ern Review with In addition to these and to The Well Wrought Urn, Mr. Brooks has published. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Cleanth ioned.

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Pope sug- gests that the Baron may even be the victim rather The Case of Miss Arabella Fermor 91 than the aggressor — it is a moot question whether he has seized the lock or been ensnared by it.

What he gives on one or another level is usually so magnificent that the reader finds it easy to ignore other levels. At any rate, for reasons to be The Naked Babe and the Cloak of Manliness 33 given below, she has realized only a part of the po- tentialities of her discovery. The personifications indeed furnish perhaps the sharpest instance of the general problem which the conventional accounts of the poem fail to solve.

The poems are meant to be “the concrete examples on which generalizations are to be based”. One must be able to move along, unhurried and undetained, or the spell is broken.

And there an end; but now they bgooks again. But before one undertakes to defend the epitaph as poetry, it is better to make sure first that we understand it — in itself, and in its relation to the rest of tire poem.

Whole scenes, and admittedly fine scenes, might also be omitted — have in fact been omitted — without quite destroying the massive structure of the tragedy.

The Well Wrought Urn

All brokks beauty is tainted with mortality: But, on reflection, the two meanings tend to coalesce. He must, in the war of the sexes, coax her into letting him have it. But there are some misapprehensions to be avoided at the outset. In the first place, it may be of interest to note that very little description is lavished upon the churchyard itself. Rather, Pope finds Belinda charm- ing, and expects us to feel her charm.

If we keep this in mind as we look back at the instances of the garment images which Miss Spurgeon has collected for us, we shall see that the pattern of imagery becomes very rich indeed. But the wroutht victims of the The Case of Miss Arabella Fermor 83 maneuver, if it blinded us to his poem, would be our- selves. Lady Macbeth is capable of wielding it. Furthermore, a gem does not mind being in a cave and a flower prefers not to be picked: For example, Banquo says to the Weird Sisters, cleanthh in the play: I do not insist that we have to read the stanza as a consistent parallelism between the growing boy and the rising sun.


Perhaps he recognized in her, in spite of the mountain-nymph disguise, the same deity who presided over some wought his own most delightful rambles.

So ridest thou triumphing in my woe. For our pur- poses here, however, one may observe that the psycho- logical line, the line of the basic symbolism, runs on unbroken. Under the weight of her reproaches of cowardice, how- ever, he has dared do more, and has become less uurn a man, a beast.

Herrick per- sists with a shrewdness worthy of Sir James Frazer in seeing the May-day rites as religious rites, though, of course, those of a pagan religion.

For the hrn of Hampton Court, though The Case of Miss Arabella Termor in truth they do not need to dread eell mortal wound, can, and are prepared to, die.

The real point is that, for Belinda, perpetual spinsterhood is the worst of all possible ills.

Full text of “Well Wrought Urn Studies In The Structure Of Poetry”

We had better begin with it, by making the closest possible examination of what the poem says as a poem. Brooks vehemently rejected this historical relativism, believing it amounts to “giving up our criteria of good and bad” and thus repudiating “our concept of poetry itself”.

But if we are to see what Pope actually makes of his problem, we shall have to be alive to the sexual implications which are in the poem. We expect him to go on to say the same W ordsworth and the Paradox of the Imagination of the moon. Thus, in the context of the poem they become a symbol heavily charged with meanings which no dictionary can be expected to give.

Night is to be doubly black so that not even her knife may see the wound it makes. A third work Understanding Drama was written in collaboration with Robert Heilman. And say which grain will grow and which will not, Speak then to me. Pope has absolutely no illusions about what the game is, and is certainly not to be shocked by any naturalistic inter- pretation of the elaborate and courtly conventions un- der which Belinda fulfills her natural function of find- ing a mate.


What may be more to the point is to note that the tendency for these oppo- sites to merge comes out even here.

On it is pivoted the transition to the next stanza. But there are reasons for thinking that the over- statement which I propose may light up some elements in the nature of poetry which tend to be overlooked. If the indulgence in such pleasures sometimes caused the rigid moralist to re- prove himself for idleness, still, idle with such an idleness, he remained to the end. At last the golden Orientall gate Of greatest heauen gan to open faire.

Donne does not take love seri- ously: Or, to move closer still to poetry by considering the temporal arts, the structure of a poem resembles that of a ballet or musical composition. Wroutht using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In glittring Dust and painted Fragments lie! Wee can dye by it, if not live by love, And if unfit for tombes. The last chapter attempts some generalizations upon these prop- erties, and upon the characteristic structure of poetry.

But rather, out of the experiences of many May morn- ings, ugn out of his experience of Catullus, and pos- sibly out of a hundred other experiences, he fashions, probably through a process akin to exploration, the total experience which is the poem.

The example is a fair one: The Case of Miss Arabella Fermor 80 6. In reading the poem, 1 shall emphasize the imagery primarily, and the success or relative failure with which Wordsworth meets in trying to make his images carry and develop his thought. Milton, one feels, is quite as emphatic in his belief that the aesthetic requires a deliberate act of will as was Immanuel Kant in insisting that the ethical involves deliberate choice.