Cotula cinerea Del. belongs to the family Asteraceae. It is widely used in the traditional medicinal system for the treatment of various ailments such as colic. Cotula cinerea Delile [family COMPOSITAE ] (stored under name); Verified by Not on Brocchia kotschyi; Cotula kotschyi; Cotula cinerea; Brocchia cinerea. Abstract: The phytochemical investigation of Cotula cinerea Del. afforded eighteen Keywords: Cotula cinerea Del.; Asteraceae; Flavonoids; Germacranolide.

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In the case of the RD cell line, the Cotula cinerea hexane extract showed the higher cytotoxic effect followed by the ethyl acetate, the essential oil, and the n -butanol extract. After 24 h incubation, cells were then treated with the essential oil of Cotula cinerea or its extracts hexane, ethyl acetate, and n cotyla in addition to cinere of Salvia verbenaca. Oils, Volatile Search for additional papers on this topic.

Cabrera Cotula microglossa DC. Cotula australis Sieber ex Spreng. Cotula is a genus of flowering plant ctula the sunflower family. The test is based on the biotransformation of MTT into formazan crystals by mitochondrial dehydrogenases of living cells.

A preliminary phytochemical screening of the Cotula cinerea and Salvia verbenaca extracts showed the presence of polyphenols such as flavonoids and other secondary metabolites.

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These two species were obtained from the National Institute of Health, Rabat, Morocco, and were cultivated as previously described by Aneb et al. The sections possess different basic chromosome numbers:. Nevertheless, the Cotula cinerea essential oil can act through various mechanisms. Cotula macroglossa Bolus ex Schltr. Evaluation of the Cytotoxicity Before evaluating the antiproliferative activity, the cellular density of each species was determined using light microscopy.

Antiproliferative activity at different concentrations of the essential oil and different extracts of Cotula cinerea top and Salvia verbenaca bottom against RD cell line by MTT assay. The obtained findings for the two cell lines RD and Vero are summarized in Figures 1 and 2respectively.

The species within this genus can vary extensively in their habitleaf divisioninvolucrereceptacle and achenes. Gymnogyne Steetz Peyrousea DC. The coula oil and the ethyl acetate extract showed moderate cytotoxic effects After filtration and evaporation of ethanol, the obtained aqueous solution was successively fractionated with hexane, ethyl acetate, and n -butanol. Burtt Cotula reptans Benth. The essential oil of Cotula cinerea aerial parts was extracted by hydrodistillation using a Clevenger-type apparatus.


These compounds could explain the cytotoxic effect of this extract on RD tumor cell line. Indeed, plants are rich sources of new compounds from which some secondary metabolites have been shown to possess anticancer properties [ 5 — 7 ]. The two tumor tested cell lines used in this study were RD Human Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma cancerous cell lines: The exact mechanisms through which such compounds act in their cytotoxicity effect are cjnerea well known, but some tentative investigations suggested that these compounds could interrupt the life cycle cell, cotla the apoptosis pathways and inactivating the telomerase [ 6 ].

Correspondence should be addressed to Fatima-Ezzahrae Guaouguaou ; moc. However, and despite all the progress made, the cancer treatment remains a challenging cineeea for both the patients and the medical staff. In the genus was subdivided by George Bentham [5] into three sections. The results of this study showed thus that Cotula cinerea essential oil and hexane extract showed significant cytotoxic effects against RD and Vero cell lines, respectively, and could cinedea considered as novel source of antitumor agents.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The biological activity of C.

Those of Salvia verbenaca were collected on March at the locality called Ain Aouda, in the Rabat region, Morocco. Another characteristic is their solitary heads cinerrea on a peduncle.

Flavonoids from Cotula cinerea Del

The objective of this work was to investigate the cytotoxicological effect of the extracts hexane, ethyl acetate, and n -butanol of Cotula cinerea and Salvia verbenaca in addition to the essential oil of Cotula cinerea. According to the World Health Organization, incidence and mortality due to cancer are widely increasing in cotulx world [ 3 ]. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs Taxonomy articles created by Polbot.


After 30 minutes of incubation at room temperature, cotulq was measured at nm using an ELISA plate reader. The three extracts hexane, ethyl acetate, and n-butanol of each plant in addition to the essential oil cinerwa Cotula cinerea have then been assayed cinrrea their cytotoxic activity against RD and Vero cell lines using MTT assay. However, cimerea despite the widespread use of these plants in Moroccan traditional folk medicine, to the best of our knowledge, no information has been previously reported on the anticancer activity of Moroccan Cotula cinerea and Salvia verbenaca.

In the case of the Vero tumor cell line, Table 1 reveals that Cotula cinerea essential oil showed the highest cytotoxic capacity with the lowest IC 50 value It is thus important and imperative to find more effective drugs with a shorter application period. This makes it difficult to define them by comparing their morphology. In an ongoing program aimed at the exploration of the phytochemical compounds and the biological activities of medicinal plants of Morocco, we were interested, in this work, in the cytotoxic effect of Cotula cinerea and Salvia verbenaca.

Material and Methods 2. The enumeration of cells was made using Malassez cell count. On the other hand, different results were obtained and Cotula cinerea essential oil was the most cytotoxic with the lowest IC 50 value The cinereq is widely distributed in Morocco and is widely used in Moroccan traditional folk medicine as a cholagogue, antiseptic, diuretic, and astringent [ 12 ]. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. The Royal Society of New Zealand.

The hexane, ethyl cinerwa, and n -butanol extraction yields were, respectively, 1. Abstract The objective of this work was to investigate the cytotoxicological effect of the extracts hexane, ethyl acetate, and n -butanol of Cotula cinerea and Salvia verbenaca in addition to the essential oil of Cotula cinerea. Cotula socialis Hilliard Cotula sororia DC.