Overview. Fire Dragons are the dedicated tank-and-monster hunters of the Craftworlds armies; armed with some of the most devastating. Buy Warhammer 40k Codex: Craftworlds: Mini Table Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This is why I’m not % convinced that Alaitoc is objectively better than the other Craftworlds. Alaitoc lists that typically spam Rangers.

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In practice what this means is that the best ways of taking advantage of Strength from Death are to bring along a single Ynnari Detachment, containing Yvraine, optional support HQs e. Take a unit of craftworlld Wraithblades with Ghostswords, a Spiritseer with Enhance, and a Farseer with Doom and Fortune, with one of the characters carrying the Psytronome of Iyanden. Unfortunately, they’re no longer as cheap as they were, at points for a standard 5-elf squad.

Note that for 70 points, you can field a Bonesinger to do the same job, but that has its own downsides, like the need for the Bonesinger to keep up with what it’s healing. Warlocks are also ideal, and even necessary for some of your Aspect Warriors to be utilized to their full craaftworld.

FAQ confirms that Swooping Hawks can still drop grenades on any unit it flies over with this. The range of the power is doubled. Karandras is the more offensive craftwotld, between his exploding attacks and buffing nearby Scorpions to do the same, they can take down key backline infantry or characters crafwtorld relative ease.

As a biker unit, a Warlock Skyrunner can also putter along and cast Conceal for a relatively reliable -2 modifier as well.


Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

Spirit Shield 2 CP: He’s not a bad character in and of himself, though his abilities and loadout render him fairly situational unless a list is built specifically around him. Mobility is never an issue with eldar. But yeah it would be nice to have some lore love for a change.

I do not mean that! Ghost Sword Wraithblades or Wraithguard with Shimmershields? Your Wraithlords will appreciate this as they walk up the battlefield with a degrading stat line and no form of invulnerable save.

Warlock Conclavesinterestingly enough, make for excellent shields for your Ynnari warlords. Craftworlds Codex Lore Disappointing self.

Codex Craftworlds After 6 Weeks : Eldar

Hemlocks are powerful fliers even without the added durability, S12 auto-hitting shots will make short work of MEQs, Monsters and Tanks alike, though the limited number of shots launched per turn makes it less effective against horde-based armies directly.

Right, isn’t that just the same wording used before though? Iyanden is the best Craftworld by far craftworlld fielding units such as these, as the damage table ruins their effectiveness cpdex other craftworlds. They can also be used in coddx Webway Strike, popping up 9″ from an enemy unit and filling it with anywhere from 20 single elf squad to 80 two elf squads shuriken shots that re-roll 1s to hit.

They won’t be using Battle Focus anyway, so going Ynnari is a flat upgrade with Yvraine turning them into beasts.

Set your 40kLore flair

The Great Enemy 1 CP: Alaitoc is still the best choice in a wide variety of choices because it is a disincentive to target some units. But I just don’t really think that’s likely at this point unfortunately.

  BGP RFC 4271 PDF

Guardian Defenders are a good secondary choice; while they can’t contribute much firepower outside that 12″ the Alaitoc attribute needs to stay effective, they can still plant a lot of bodies on an objective and can be a pain to clear off if utilizing the Celestial Shield stratagem and Protect psychic power. The Avatar Resurgent 3 CP: Going half-and-half will reduce your Banshee’s total attack output, but will ensure your warlocks can survive a couple casualties before dropping a tier on their powers.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

This is actually really broken. Linked Fire 1 CP: While this is certainly useful, especially if you’re running lots of Scatter Lasersit’s also very expensive If you ran just a Battalion, you just burned half your total CP to do this once and can end up being somewhat redundant on weapons that have decent rending already.

For Matched Play, taking a Reborn Craftworld detachment can be a powerful, albeit situational choice. Guardian Defenderswhile more expensive and considerably more cowardly, can still easily take advantage of the Shuriken support and make for a relatively strong objective securing unit. If you can’t get to the point in a few paragraphs, it might not caftworld worth posting.

Baharroth is another candidate for a rounded list, as he can make any nearby Aspect Warriors borderline fearless and can redeploy to anywhere on the map as needed. Wraithknights and Skathach Wraithknights.