Curtis “Cocky” Warren is a category A prisoner, defined as someone “whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public, or the police or. Curtis Warren (right) is, by some distance, Britain’s most notorious of his nickname – Cocky – which he acquired because of his swaggering. Curtis “Cocky” Warren was one of Britains biggest and richest drugtrafickers. Worth an estimated million British pounds. Unlike most other.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was here he hit his head and became unconscious from which Guclu never recovered and died in hospital. While Warren waited for his cocaine shipment from Venezuela he was already thinking where to stash ccocky new heap of money, but this time people were watching.

The chairs are fixed currtis the floor; so is the low table. At age 11 Warren decided school was not for him and warrej out. Shipped to his vineyard, the drugs were then suspended in wine for onward shipment to the Netherlands and Liverpool in the UK. Warren hates the government and the police. The result was warden he had an unlimited credit line from cartels in South America, and with cannabis traffickers in Turkey and Eastern Europe.

Does he ever wonder how different his life would durtis been if he had been born in Buckinghamshire rather than Toxteth? La Moye is tucked away down an unmarked country ckrtis and has to cater for everyone caught on the 14km-wide island: After serving over 2 years of relatively quiet time Warren made some noise, he kicked in the head of a fellow inmate. Explosions at huge tower block blaze The blaze broke out at the Strachan and Henshaw Building in Fishponds, Bristol – known locally as The Office which holds parties for swingers.

It’s like last time I was arrested in Holland they said I was in bed with a prostitute. The Toxeth-born former bouncer has kept himself busy bringing and losing numerous legal challenges and appeals — over the mysterious removal of a juror from his trial nobbled by the police, said Warren, while the prosecution accused him of doing the nobblingand various alleged abuses of process.


Cameras and microphones monitor every move, every word.

I’m 50 years of age. The rest of his money was stashed away in Swiss bank acounts.

He says he cannot remember the “don’t quote me” statement but that if he did say it, it related to a different scenario. He travelled back to Liverpool warrren in a Lexus. The shipment was also caught, which combined with the stashes found before would combined be worth million English pounds.

Unlike most other drugtraffickers or criminals Warren is a highly intelligent force. Yet suddenly, back in June, I heard he wanted to talk.

Warren grew up in the Granby district of Toxteth.

British Boss: Curtis Warren – Gangsters Inc. –

He looks incredulous when I say that people will be frightened of him as a result. Mercury Press Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Moved around warreh jails during his trial for his own safety, he was found guilty but successfully appealed, and was released from prison in June More recently, detectives secretly recorded Warren boasting during a prison visit of funnelling huge amounts of cash via a money launderer.

I have some faults but I hope that’s not one of them. He was found guilty but successfully appealed and was released from prison in June They then travelled to Venezuela on British year passports, and arranged a deal with the Cali cartel to smuggle cocaine in steel boxes, concealed in lead ingots. Guclu tried to punch Warren again but Warren was one step ahead and kicked him in the head 4 times.

Thank you for warden We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. From his home he made phonecalls to his friends in England, he didn’t know it but police was listening in. And he has never stepped into the witness box in any of his trials either. Refused a passport by the British, Irish and Portuguese governments, the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency then followed Warren’s every move as part of a “lifetime offender management” programme, under the codename Operation Floss.


It then transpires he is still smarting from one of his earliest convictions, inwhen he was found guilty of robbing a woman cirtis Pamela Walsh, having been accused of cracking her skull with a shotgun. His objection to drugs is, he says, what it can do to young kids.

Royal Family Younger royals criticised for performing fewer public engagements in than their elderly relatives. That’s how much you lot know about me, isn’t it? He insists that he is broke. The wretches, the young kids who can’t defend themselves? It has been accepted in court that the Jersey police illegally fitted a listening device to a car rented in France by one of his co-conspirators.

Lucky for law enforcement a second shipment was on it’s way, and this time they were waiting. Asked whether he thinks there is a bounty on his head, he immediately says yes: Not that it mattered, Warren talked in code. He moved into a very nice villa from where he conducted his business and made his deals. It all happened on the afternoon of September 15, when Warren was walking around the prison yard.

Whatever decisions I’ve made have been my responsibility. But who cut all the bullying out here on the young kids?

Curtis Warren

Curtis “Cocky” Warren is still in prison serving his time and will be out around For whatever reason he kept on going, setting up more and more drugdeals and making more and more money.

Updates from exhibition cocyk Mayweather faced off against the Japanese kickboxer in a bizarre three-round exhibition fight in Tokyo. I’ve never tasted alcohol or anything.

I think Warren couldn’t live without the “high” of the smuggle, the crime. wargen

Warren returned to Liverpool. It wasn’t him, he insists.

In February Warren was charged by Dutch authorities of running an international drugs smuggling cartel from his Dutch prison cell.